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Agenda – Wednesday, January 8th
• Welcome to AP Psych!
• The Boring Stuff
– Syllabus
– Attendance
– Books
• Perspectives Notes
• Homework: Prologue Reading Quiz – Friday
The Basics
• 14 UNITS
• Unit Test: Every 2-3 chapters (ALWAYS on
Fridays, with the exception of the first one)
• Reading Quiz: Over every unit; take place on
Tuesdays; open note
• AP Exam: MAY 5th
Perspectives Review
• Purpose:
– Provide a variety of ways to identify and explain
• Behavior comes from
cultural norms & social
• Relationship between
people and culture
• Example: Sports
teams; pursuing a life
of crime; mannerisms
Neuroscience (AKA Biological)
• Focuses on the brain’s
chemistry and internal
• Examines drug use, neural
connections, and innerworkings
• Example: Head injuries may
prevent certain behaviors, like
the formation of new
• Individual feelings, perception, use of
language, thought processes, etc.
• Example: Body Dysmorphic Disorder, maps of
the school
• External forces influence
• Relies on punishment,
rewards, and observation to
observe and understand
• Example: “The Biggest
Loser” rewards people for
losing weight; Pavlov’s dog
** Evolutionary **
• Inherited characteristics for survival influence
behavior and decision-making
• Example: Humans no longer need wisdom
teeth or appendix; adapted to surroundings
• Focuses on internal and subconscious conflicts
to explain behavior
• Includes childhood experiences, parental
relationship, sex drive, etc.
• Example: Freud’s beliefs about sexual abuse
and behavior in childhood
• Behavior comes from meeting basic needs and
fulfilling one’s potential
• Example: “Dead Poet’s Society” focuses on
rising to potential; “Walking Dead” only
focuses on physical needs and security
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