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How do I write numbers in standard
form, word form, and number word
Place Value
• Every digit in a number has a place value.
• The place value tells you how much that digit
89, 234, 761
2 is in the hundred-thousands place
Name that place value!
901, 564, 782
1.Place value of the 2
2.Place value of the 9
3.Place value of the 6
4.Place value of the 0
Different Number Forms
• Standard form- the actual number
Ex: 6,000
• Word form- the number in words
Ex: six thousand
• Number-word form
Ex: 6 thousand
Standard Form
• Write thirty thousand in standard form.
• Write twenty-two million three in standard
• Write eighty-nine trillion, sixty-three thousand
in standard form.
Word Form
• Write 56,789 in word form.
• Write 124, 201, 890 in word form.
• Write 7, 064 in word form.
Number-word Form
• Write 67,000 in number-word form.
• Write 9, 000, 045, 000 in number-word form.