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SPEAKER: Avon Walk Participant Walker
Why I am Walking!
Thank you all for being here today and I hope that you are enjoying yourselves. I wanted to take
a few minutes to explain why we are all here.
Did you know that three million women are living with breast cancer -- and one third of them don’t
even know it? Even more startling, breast cancer kills approximately one woman in the United
States every 13 minutes, robbing us of our mothers and grandmothers, our sisters, and our best
friends. No one knows what causes breast cancer or how it can be prevented and there is
currently no known cure.
<INSERT Avon Walk DVD –or- show Avon Walk Movie through >
join thousands of others in CITY to walk 39.3 miles over two days in the Avon Walk for Breast
As part of this commitment, I have agreed to raise at least $1,800 for the Avon Foundation for
Women’s Breast Cancer Crusade. Since 1992, the Crusade has raised and awarded more than
$585 million for the breast cancer cause. That funds raised are used for medical research, clinical
care, support services, education and early detection programs, with a special focus on the
medically underserved.
I know that the journey I’m about to take doesn’t begin to compare with the challenges that
cancer patients and their families endure. So, for each step I take and for every time I think I can’t
possibly go any father, I’ll be humbled… recognizing the small sacrifice I’m taking on behalf of
millions of women everywhere. I’ll think of those who have lost the battle and of those who fight
fearlessly everyday. Victory for me will be crossing the finish line and surpassing my fundraising
goal, and I hope you’ll be a part of it.
I’m asking for your support today, financially, emotionally and even physically. First as part of my
$1800 commitment, I ask you to make a tax-deductable donation to the Avon Walk for Breast
Cancer on my behalf. The vast majority of funds raised will stay here in the local community.
Second, I ask for your support emotionally, and event physically. Join me on a training walk or be
part of my journey by passing along my news to other folks you know.
I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support and encouragement in this big
undertaking. When I hit the road, I’ll know that you were a special part of my journey and of the
journey of so many others along the way.
Now let’s have fun and enjoy the party!
SPEAKER: HOST Speaking on behalf of Avon Walk Participant
“Hi, I’m INSERT NAME, a good friend of INSERT HOST’S NAME. I’m here today to tell you how
proud I am of HOST and the commitment she’s made to the fight against breast cancer. Often
times we think there is nothing we can do to fight this insurmountable disease, but HOST is doing
something big. By walking 39.3 miles on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th, HOST is making a
statement. She’s saying “Breast cancer is out there but because we’re out here walking, we’re
spreading knowledge about the disease and taking steps towards fighting it”.
“HOST, please share with us why you’re walking”.
(HOST gives short testimonial: why they’re walking, who they’re walking for, how they’ve been
affected, what they’ve done so far, etc.)
“Thank you, HOST. Besides pledging to walk 39.3 miles, HOST has made a fundraising
commitment. As a participant in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, each walker is required to raise
at least $1800, but HOST’s personal goal is $2500! Just so you know, the reason the fundraising
requirement is $1800, is because the Avon Foundation for Women wants to ensure that a
significant amount of funds can be raised and returned to local beneficiaries around the country.
All funds raised go toward five key areas: medical research (to find a cure), breast cancer
education (to spread knowledge about the disease), breast cancer early detection programs
(because breast cancer can be beatable if you catch it early enough), clinical care (to those who
might not normally be able to receive care) and support services (for example, transportation to a
follow-up doctor appointment). To give you a better idea of what the Avon Walk is all about, I’d
like to show a clip from Avon Walk DVD.
<INSERT Avon Walk DVD –or- show Avon Walk Movie through >
“So, as you can see, HOST has dedicated herself to supporting this cause and giving back as
much as she can to its effort. Please take some time to reflect on how breast cancer has
impacted you or someone you know or the millions that you don’t know and are affected every
day by this disease. What can you do to support HOST and this cause? Remember: her goal is
$2500. There are 25 people here today – can each of you give $100?
“Think of $100 this way:
“How often do you stop at Starbucks for a latte? Every day? That’s $3 a day, for every day of the
month, which is roughly $100. Could you give up this luxury in support of HOST’s dedication to
the fight against breast cancer?
“Nervous to make a lump sum donation? Think of donating over time instead. Pledge $25 a
month for the next 4 months to total $100. That’s less than a $1 day!
“Again, how much can you give to support HOST and this cause?”
ACTION ITEM: Distribute donation coupons and pens. You want to hold off on this until this
moment. Distributing coupons beforehand might be seen as a casual gesture while doing it at
once, with reflection time, is much more powerful. You might also want to play a portion of our
DVD while they are making their donations. When everyone is finished, tally up the donations,
announce the total, thank everyone for coming and have them stick around for the celebration!