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Name ______________________________________________
Developed in Northern ____________ by ________________________________________________________________
Saw outside the palace gardens, 1_______________ person, 1__________ person and 1 _________________________
First time he became aware of human _______________________- he became disturbed
He left the palace to discover “the realm of life where there is neither ________________________________________.”
Asked _______________________ scholars questions for answers
One day he decided to stop under a_____________ and refused to get up until he understood the mystery of life.
______ days later, he believed he understood the cause and cure for suffering. At this time he became _____________
The Four Noble Truths
1. All life is full of_________________________.
2. Suffering comes from the desire for _______________________________.
3. The only way to cure suffering is to overcome________________________________.
4. Only a life of ___________________________, concentration and worship can lead to the end of desire and suffering.
Goal of a Buddhist is to reach ____________________________. Union with the___________________ and release
Jesus born a_________ and began public ministry at age _____. Jesus merged Jewish teachings with his own personal
theory. Jesus emphasized God’s ___________________relationship with each human being
Love ____________, Love ___________________, Love your _________________________ and your _______________.
Taught that God would end evil in world and establish an ____________________________________________
People who ________________________sins would have life after death.
Around A.D._________ Jesus visited Jerusalem
Roman governor over Jerusalem considered Jesus a political threat and put him to death by_______________________.
According to Christians, Jesus rose from the dead ______________days after death on________________________.
Christians believe that God is a trinity - _______________________________________________________________
1st Century after Jesus’ death _________________________ began to teach his message
Apostle Paul - Taught in cities around the _________________________- Jesus was the son of God and died for people’s
Today ___________________ followers- Largest religion in the world.
Christianity divided: - _____________________________________________________
Means _______________________________________________________________________________
Developed ___________________________ AD Based on teachings of prophet Muhammad
_____________________________ the official book of Islam
According to Islam, the angel __________________________revealed to Muhammad the Qur’an
God called __________________________
Dignity of all humans and brotherhood of people. Moral life achieved through _______________________ to Allah
The Five Pillars
1. Prayer _________________times a day, facing holy city_______________________.
2. Giving alms to the _____________________________
3. _________________________________ to Mecca at least once
4. Fasting during month of _____________________________
5. Defending the____________________________________
Prophets- Mohammad (Main man), Moses, Abraham & Jesus
Today Islam second largest religion - ____________________Million followers
Worship in ________________________________
Two sects _____________________________________