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The Enlightenment And Its Impact on (Liberal) Judaism
Jewish Life Prior to Enlightenment
 Rabbinic Judaism
 Sects of Judaism
 Ashkenazi/Sephardi/Mizrachi
 Rise of Mysticism
The Connection Between the Political Climate and the Religious
 Ghettoes
What is the Enlightenment? It’s Basic Principles? It’s Short Term Impact on
Jews Politically
 France
 Germany
The Rise of Reform Judaism in Germany: A Religious Response to Political
 Wissenschaft des Judentums
 Ideology and Religious Change
 Assimilation
American Reform Jewish History
 The mid 19th century wave of German immigration
o Classical Reform Judaism – epitomized by the Pittsburgh Platform
of 1885.
 1885-1937: The Rise of Zionism and the Beginning of the Return to
o Impact of Eastern European Immigration (1880s-1920s)
o Epitomized by the Columbus Platform of 1937
 1937-1976: Coming to Terms with the Holocaust
o The Columbus Platform of 1976 -
 1976-Present Day: The ‘Return’ to Tradition?
o The Pittsburgh Platform of 1999 -