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[Name of health service provider]
Dear ________,
As a supporter of Canada’s universal health care program, [I’m/we are] writing to
express concern regarding the roll-out of the gold-standard drug “Mifegymiso” used
for medical abortions.
[If applicable, about your organization.]
As you may know, people in Canada experience many challenges in accessing
abortion services. The majority of clinics are located in urban areas within 150km
from the US border. Only 1/6 hospitals provide abortion services. This means that
many women have to travel long distance (sometimes out of country) at their own
expense to access timely care. No medically necessary procedure should be so
difficult to access.
Mifegymiso has the potential to overcome many of these barriers; yet, the drug was
approved with unnecessary restrictions, including the requirement that only physicians
dispense the drug. No other drug, including highly controlled substances like
methadone, have this requirement. Mifegymiso will also only be available until 7
weeks gestation, compared to 10 weeks like it is in the US. Cost will present another
significant barrier. Mifegymiso is expected to be rolled-out at a cost of $300/regimen
and provinces and territories have yet to include the drug in their insurance plans.
Together, these restrictions will severely impact access to a procedure which all
people in Canada have a right to.
We request your support in addressing barriers in access to safe abortion services by:
Becoming trained to dispense Mifegymiso and encouraging colleagues to do
the same as part of a package of sexual and reproductive health services;
Engaging professional bodies towards Health Canada’s easing of restrictions
associated with Mifegymiso; and
Encouraging government officials to include Mifegymiso in health insurance
plans, while ensuring free access to the drug for uninsured women and trans
[I/We] welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss these recommendations.
[I/We] can be reached at [email + phone number].
Thank you in advance and [I/We] look forward to hearing back from you soon,