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 During the time period of 1815­1914, Canada had a massive amount of immigration due to their efforts to populate the North West. The Canadian government accomplished this by advertising vast amounts of propaganda showing false promises and exaggerated examples. Due to all the evidence that has been shown in all the documents it shows that Canada did not want to welcome immigrants from all around the world. Despite the massive evidence piled against them the Canadian Government did welcome immigrants to a certain extent a prime example of this were in the years 1815­1850. During this time period Canada accepted tens of thousands of immigrants from Great Britain, however despite the fact that the Canadian government welcomed this many people, they only wanted people that were of similar culture or ethnicity to come to Canada (doc 2). Another example that can be shown is that prior to 1914 the Canadian government allowed immigration from the US, Europe and Asia. But just like our last example that wasn't all there was to it, Canada encouraged people only of similar culture and ethnicity to come to Canada. Evidence of this lies in the continuous passage act they placed on Indian immigrants as well as the head tax they put on Chinese immigrants despite all the past work they had done for Canada, even more so black slaves were even discouraged entirely from coming to Canada (doc 3). One last example that shows that the government did show some remorse was that they allowed all immigrants in Canada regardless of wealth or social status (doc 1), but compared to all the other evidence stacked against them this is one of the few things the Canadian government did right. There is little reasonable evidence to support the government without it having some sort of contradiction and with what has been told above it shows the government only wanted people of similar culture and ethnicity to come to Canada. There is a vast amount of evidence that shows the Canadian government's intolerance and unsupportive nature of immigrants from other cultures. Frank Oliver, who was Canada's minister of the interior at the time was highly unsupportive of cultural diversity, evidence of this is when he said in an article that his policy was and always will be to "attract settlers, and exclude all undesirables" (doc 6) not many people had trouble with this racism at the time so it was socialably accepted. Another example of the Canadian government's racism was with Chinese immigrants. During the year 1875 they were denied the very right to vote till the year 1
5 years later they worked on the railroad construction where the working conditions were so poor that many people lost their lives and even if they made it through the day they would barely get payed anything because there was no minimum wage at the time. In the year 1885 the head tax that has been mentioned before came into place, it started out at $50 but gradually increased to $500 this shows that even after all the help with the railway the government didn't want Chinese Canadians in their country (doc 7). Lastly something that shows the Canadian government's prejudice of other ethnicities was the percentage of immigrants coming from country. In both the years 1871 and 1901­1911 it is primarily white countries that immigrated to Canada. In 1901­1911 it was a bit more diverse but it was still mostly Europe, Great Britain, and the US that came to Canada proving the lack of diversity Canada welcomed (doc 11). All in all Canada did not welcome immigrants from around the world but only wanted people from similar culture or ethnicity. The evidence of the graphs of immigration percentages as well as the attitude displayed by the Canadian government with head taxes and constant prejudice by government figures they did not welcome people from around the world but only wanted to welcome people that were of a similar ethnicity or culture. Despite the little evidence that showed they cared the Canadian government's prejudice was far more prominent than their acceptance. If you are one of those people who think the government welcomed all people from around the world I ask you why there was only a measly 2% of people who didn't immigrate from the US, Europe or the US in 1901­1911 (doc 11).