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The Communication Skills Department of LaGuardia
Community College prepares students with the
necessary cognitive tools to read the wide variety of
college-level materials with the understanding and
retention necessary to succeed in LaGuardia's degree
programs, and/or to move on to four-year schools.
The department is committed to providing the
student with the intellectual framework, the
background knowledge and critical reading and
thinking skills necessary to become an educated
person in society.
The focus of a CSE course is exposition. Our courses
are preparation for the introductory courses in
different disciplines students must take for their
majors. Thus we try to give students background
knowledge and skills that they can use to read their
textbooks, to listen to class lectures, and write class
discussions, arguments, careful listening and
thinking. Our work-load is heavy - for instructors as
well as students. Students tell us they put in more
hours in our classes than in most of their other
college classes, and they use what they are studying
in reading class - in their other classes, in their
future careers and in their lives as readers.
The Communication Skills Department is located in
Room E 115. The phone number for the Main Office
is (718) 482-5625.