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What is Monthly Income? (S1-A2)
Part 1: Vocabulary
Match the vocabulary words with their meanings.
1) ______ income
a) Once a month
2) ______ sources of income
b) Pay you “take home”
c) Things you spend money on
d) Every two weeks
e) All money you receive
f) Once a year
g) Money taken out of your
h) The money you make before
i) Once a week
j) Money you pay to the
k) The ways you get your money
3) ______ net pay
4) ______ gross pay
5) ______ yearly
6) ______ monthly
7) ______ weekly
8) ______ bi-weekly
9) ______ deductions
10) _____ _ taxes
11) ______ expenditures
Complete the sentences below with the correct vocabulary words.
1. I get my ___________ from my job.
2. My other ______________________ are child support and public
3. Taxes are ______________ that they take out of my check.
4. I get paid ________________ or every two weeks.
5. I get paid ________________ or once a week.
6. My _____________ is $400 every week but my ____________ is almost
$600 every week.
7. My __________ income is $24,000.
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