Download Sedimentary Rocks

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Using the internet to help us LEARN!
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Using Mr. Watkins’ website (, click on the “Cool Science Sites” category
on the right hand side of the page. Click on each of the following links and follow them to the web pages.
Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper or on the back side of this sheet.
"Rock types with pictures and descriptions"
Write down at least one piece of useful information about each of the following:
-Igneous Rocks
-Extrusive Igneous Rocks
-Intrusive Igneous Rocks
-Metamorphic Rocks
-Sedimentary Rocks
“Rock Cycle – Rock Hounds”
How do the animations help you to understand:
-Sedimentary Rocks?
-Metamorphic Rocks?
-Igneous Rocks?
“The Rock Cycle Diagram and Info”
How does this site help to explain:
-How igneous rocks can turn into sedimentary rocks?
-How metamorphic rocks can turn into sedimentary rocks?
-What does it take for something to turn into sediment?
“Rock Formation Animations – Sedimentary,” Igneous, Metamorphic
-Why does it make sense for fossils to be found in sedimentary rocks?
-Why are sedimentary rocks generally found under large bodies of water?
-Where is granite formed?
-What does metamorphic mean?