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Research Voids
The literature review revealed voids in the research.
Void I Physical demand ergonomic assessment tools take into consideration worker’s biomechanics
but not motor control although the common characteristic of all risk factors is their influence
on trunk muscle activation patters. Biomechanics alone cannot explain whether the natural
limits of workers motor and sense system capabilities are being reached during the manual
handling manipulation.
Void II The litetature review revealed that LBD are associated with accelerations that undergoes
the spine as a result of trunk muscles activity in response to the loading or in response of
postural reactions to balance disturbances. To date, there are no published studies of the
effect of external perturbations (e.g. handling liquid loads) during an ongoing voluntary
lifting or lowering movement on trunk muscles activation patterns, and whether such
perturbations influence the functional outcome of muscles activation patterns or not;