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"reg is the uniformity error
"lnr is the nonlinearity error
"hys is the hysteresis error
Any bias associated with the grid and dead load and the comparison procedure were considered
irrelevant to the procedure.
Estimation of Uncertainties
The error uncertainties have been estimated as follows:
Uncertainty of Resolution
The resolution error follows a rectangular probability distribution
and the uncertainty in resolution is
ures = (
where δx is the smallest significant digit of the indication device.
Uncertainty in Repeatability
The repeatability error (precision) follows a normal probability
distribution and the uncertainty due to repeatability is estimated by the standard deviation of
the sampled mean values ( ȳi ) relative to the overall mean value ( ȳ). To computed it, the overall
standard deviation of all COP samples for one replication at a point Pξ is decomposed to the
between sample sigma (precision), s b , and the within sample sigma (noise), sw , as follows (NASA,