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Figure B.4 Gage RR report for Fz measurements on the M4 loads.
∆COP , between two fixed points on the top plate of the force platform that is obtained as the
difference between the COP coordinates that the force measurement system registered by applying
a static force on the top plate of the force platform on the two fixed points at two different instants,
t 1 and t 2 , and for time period τ1 = τ2 should also be constant—i.e., without any uncertainties in
the obtained measurement. Therefore, we can write
∆COP = COPt 1 − COPt 2
However, this is not the case as measurement errors affect the COP values obtained by the force
measurement system. Uncertainty is a numerical estimate of the dispersion of the error in a
measurement resulted of several random and systematic interacting errors inherent to the measurement system, its calibration procedure, the standard used to provide the known values, and the
measurement technique. For the purpose of this study, the uncertainty on the COP measurements
was quantified based on the procedures described by Bizzo, Ouaknine, and Gagey (2003) and
Browne and O’Hare (2000) under the GUM framework (ISO-JCGM 100, 2010; NIST/SEMATECH,
2012; NASA, 2010) in order to provide uncertainty metrics for static loads.