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Fiber Optics in High Voltage
Transmission Environments
EE 566
By: Jason Jones
October 8, 2003
My Reason for Choosing This
Find a Combination Between Fiber Optics
and Power Engineering
This is looking at Fiber Optics in an
alternative industry
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
1. Basics of fiber optic and electrical
transmission lines
2. Different uses of fiber optic cable in the
transmission grid system
3. Employment options
4. Conclusion/summary
Can high voltage electricity be
sent through fiber optics cable?
No conclusive evidence or
research has shown that it is possible.
Only the use of converters, still not
practical for long distances and high
Why use fiber optics with
transmission lines?
Sensing and detection of electrical faults and
failure(i.e –Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition Systems – S.C.A.D.A)
Can be used as a neutral or ground.
No EMC/EMI issues.
Communication between plants and substations
Extensive ROW (Right Of Way). The cost
advantages of existing ROW makes utilities
attractive line-leasing partners for many
communications carriers.
Combination of Two
Different Concepts
Fiber optic cables
1. Transmits light
2. Primarily for
Electric cables
1. Transmits
2. Primarily for
powering electrical
Most commonly used Fiber Optic
All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS)
Wrap type
Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)
Details of ADSS Cables
High fiber count
Cheaper than OPGW
Installed along
electrical transmission
Fig. 3
Details of the OPGW
OPGW is a composite
wire which serves as a
conventional overhead
ground wire, with the
added benefit of
providing highcapacity and reliable
fiber optic
Fig. 4
Common Problems
Contamination – fertilizer, pesticides, exhaust, emissions, salt
fog. Can only be solved on the design level, difficult because of high
voltage design requirements
Space Potential – Electrical potential induced on fiber optic
Dry Band Arcing – Caused by the induced current during wet
Space Potential
Induced voltages can
be in the tens of kV
Causes dry-band
voltages and currents.
Causes huge and
powerful electric
Fig. 5
Dry Band Arcing
Caused by Space
Potential and
frequency of current in
the cable.
Accurse in wet
Because of high
induced voltage,
current can be as low
as 1.5mA.
Fig. 6
Employment Options
Fiber Planners
The Furukawa Electric Co.
Most power utility companies (i.e. National
Grid, Alliant Energy, Duke Energy)
Many research possibilities.
Very interesting employment.
Good chance of becoming an expert.
High Voltage – BE CAREFUL
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