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TAM 2016-17 at Cambridge University
1. What are the entry criteria for the ‘TAM with Masters’ course at your University?
In addition to satisfying the MEI TAM entry requirements it is also necessary to have a C
grade or above in GCSE English, or an equivalent overseas qualification in English. Where
IELTS has been taken this should be at level 7 in writing.
2. What is the address of the building where study days will take place? What is the best
way to get there?
We are based at the Faculty of Education, 184 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PQ. This is
close to the train station. Further information about travelling to the Faculty is here:
3. What are the dates and times of the study days?
All study days will take place from 1000-1600.
Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
4. I live too far from the University to visit at times other than the 8 study days. What
support will be available to me between study days?
There is a forum on the VLE where you will be able to share questions and ideas. The
course tutors are available via email and will also be able to arrange a Skype meeting where
5. What assignments will I need to submit to the University to obtain Masters
credits? When are the assignment deadlines?
There are two 4,000-word assignments. One will explore the use of literature in educational
writing, focusing on the role of ICT in teaching and learning mathematics and the other will
involve collecting and analysing data. The first submission point is 10 days before Day 4 (for
the first assignment) and 10 days before Day 6 (for the second one). You will receive
detailed feedback on Day 4 and Day 6 and will then have three weeks to make any changes
and improvements to your work before the final submission points.
6. I already have Masters’ credits from previous study (e.g. my PGCE at yours or another
University). Can I add the 60 TAM Masters’ credits to these?
The University of Cambridge is not able to accept Masters’ credits from other universities. If
you have completed your PGCE in Cambridge then you will already have credits for the first
half of the Masters’ course and will need to complete the dissertation part of the course,
which means you won’t be able to add these additional credits.
7. Does successful completion of the ‘TAM with Masters’ course ensure I can progress
to a full Masters’ degree at your university?
You will need to apply for the rest of the course. Successful completion of the two TAM
assignments will be of particular benefit in this application process.
8. TAM will be my first 60 Masters credits. How much would I need to pay to study for
additional modules at your University? And what modules are available to choose
The next area of Masters study will be the 30-credit individual route assignment. This is a
small-scale research project culminating in an essay of 4,000 words. Some of the teaching
for this course will take place as part of Day 8 of the TAM course to enable participants to
make an informed decision about whether they want to continue. This route is entirely
optional and currently costs £950.
The final 180 credits of the Cambridge MEd currently costs £5250 and will be completed
over one academic year. It involves researching your own practice and writing a 20,000word thesis on an area of your choice.
9. Are these 60 TAM Masters credits a qualification in their own right?
If you decide not to continue to study further then successfully completing these credits will
result in the award of the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Studies (PCES).
10. What is the process and criteria for offering places if the TAM course at your
University is oversubscribed?
First come, first served.
11. If I have queries about the TAM course at your University, what are the contact details
of the person I should ask?
Mark Dawes can be contacted on [email protected]
12. Link to relevant university webpage - not available as yet