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Extra Curricular Activities:
DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is a
national association for Marketing Students. It was
formed in 1946 to improve the education of students in
business subject areas, in particular marketing,
entrepreneurship, and management. DECA students
also have the opportunity to attend leadership
conferences, participate in DECA competitions in
which they have the opportunity to apply knowledge
learned in the classroom and gain skills for the future,
and win scholarships.
The mission of DECA is to enhance the co-curricular
education of students in marketing, entrepreneurship,
and management. DECA help students develop skills
and competence for marketing careers, build selfesteem, experience leadership, and practice community
Membership Information
Membership Requirements:
Students must be enrolled in a marketing,
entrepreneurship, or management class.
Students should be interested in a career in
hospitality, sales and service, business
administration, marketing and/or
All members pay dues of $20.00 (fall) $25.00
(broken down as follows: State Dues: $4.00 ~
DECA Inc. Dues: $8.00~ Local Dues: $8.00$13.00)
All members join through the high school
they are attending. The annual membership
year runs from July 1st through June 30th.
Sol C. Johnson High School
Marketing Department
Mrs. Bettina Polite Tate, MPA, EdS
CTAE Department Co-Chair, 2011 Teacher of the
Year, 2011 GA Marketing Teacher of the Year, 2011
GA Top Ten Teacher of the Year
Marketing and IB Business & Management Instructor
Phone: 395-6400 x 730612
email:[email protected]
Office Hours: planning period and 3:00 to 3:30
Tutorial: Wed. 3:00-4:00
Mrs. Linda Green
Marketing Instructor, 2011 GA Outstanding
Educator, Jefferson Awards Advisor
Phone: 395-6400 x 730613
email:[email protected]
Office Hours: planning period and 3:00 to 3:30
Tutorial: Wed. 3:00-4:00
Why Join?
*Meet new people*go on fieldtrips*
*earn scholarships*job opportunities*
*community service*earn awards*
If you would like more information about DECA,
please visit the website:
Sol C. Johnson High School
Marketing Department
3012 Sunset Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31404
Phone (912) 395-6400
Fax (912) 303-6418
Mission: The mission of the SCJ marketing department
is to equip marketing students with the necessary skills
in marketing and business to allow students to enter the
job market and pursue post secondary programs of
study confidently. Students will acquire skills that will
allow them to successfully be productive in a
challenging and ever changing business society.
Marketing, Sales, & Service Academy Course Offerings
Prerequisites for all Marketing Pathways
Course: 08.47400 Marketing Principles Prerequisite:
computer applications Description: Addresses the ways
in which marketing satisfies consumer and organizational
needs and wants for products and services. Students develop
an understanding of basic marketing concepts and the role of
marketing in business. They develop skills n applying
economic concepts to marketing, distribution and logistics,
marketing information management, product/service
planning, pricing mixes, promotional strategies, and personal
selling. Credit: 1
Marketing Management Pathway
Course: 08.47500 Advanced Marketing Prerequisite:
08.47400 Marketing Principles, computer applications
Course Description: Advanced Marketing builds on the
principles and concepts taught in Marketing Principles.
Students assume a managerial perspective in applying
economic principles in marketing, examining distribution and
logistics, marketing information management, developing
product/service planning, pricing mixes, promotional
strategies, purchasing, professional sales and personal selling.
Credit: 1
Course: 08.4360099 Entrepreneurship: Building a
PREREQUISITE: Marketing Principles
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Entrepreneurship: Building a
Business, an imperative component of a strong economy, is
based on individuals who are creative thinkers and risk
takers. Therefore, students in this entrepreneurship course
focus on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a
business based on the recognized opportunity, and operating
and maintaining that business. This course begins by moving
students from the typical “what is” educational focus to the
“what can be” focus. Preparation of a business plan allows
students to apply the functional areas of accounting, finance,
marketing, and management to the planned business, as well
as to the legal and economic environments in which a new
venture operates. This course may be taken as a part of a
student’s Marketing Pathway or may serve as a stand alone
course for students in other disciplines wishing to explore
business ownership. Credit 1
Marketing Promotion & Communication Pathway
08.4720099 Professional Sales & Promotion
Prerequisite: 08.47400 Marketing Principles
Course Description: This course focuses on the
performance of key responsibilities required in a retail
environment. Students develop skills in pricing, visual
merchandising, advertising, special promotions, professional
sales, and customer service. Credit: 1
08.47900 Marketing via the Internet
Prerequisite: 08.47400 Marketing Principles
Course Description: Marketing via the Internet covers all
functions of marketing from the standpoint of conducting
business on the Internet. Students develop skills in using the
Internet as a marketing tool, conducting a marketing analysis
via the Internet, planning marketing support activities,
managing an Internet marketing campaign,
managing/owning a business via the Internet, and analyzing
the impact of the Internet on global marketing. Johnson
High’s class is taught via Black Board Vista in collaboration
with Savannah State University. This is the capstone class for
the Marketing Management Pathway
Credit: 1
Other Courses
Prerequisite: 08.474 Marketing Principles (preferred
for Non-IB students) or Teacher Approval
Course Description:
IB Business and Management (SL) is a third or fourth year
course in the Marketing Program. It can also be a sixth subject
course for junior or senior IB students. One of the major
objectives of IBBM SL is to prepare the IB student for the SL
exam in May. This course will help students gain an
understanding of the dynamic nature of business and
organizations. We will explore how and why organizations are
formed, roles of individuals and groups, and current challenges
organizations face from social and technological changes.
Specific topics that will be covered are marketing, finance, and
human resource management. IB students will be required to
complete an Internal Assessment written assignment.
Work Based Learning Opportunities
Communications Explorer Post
08.09100 Marketing Co-op/ Internship I
08.09200 Marketing Co-op/Internship II
Points of Pride
MEGA FEST- Is an annual open house event planned
and coordinated by the marketing department. The
Mega fest event is an effort to help newcomers to
Johnson High School get a jumpstart on the upcoming
school year. This event also showcases academic
departments and student organizations.
Taylor Glisson Project- The marketing and business
departments coordinated several fundraising activities to raise
money for an injured student athlete. $10,000 was raised to
show our love and support for Taylor and his family.
Smasher Marketing Firm- Advanced marketing students
develop marketing plans and promotional/sales campaigns
for local small businesses.
Smasher Stop & Shop School Store- Members gain selling,
promotion, customer service, retail management, book
keeping and inventory skills.
Regional Awards 2007:1st Place Region Winner
Marketing Decision Making and 3rd Place Region
Winner Job Interview
State Awards 2007: 2nd Place State Winner Marketing
Decision Making and 6th Place State Winner Job
Interview (2007)
Regional Awards 2008: 1st in Business Speech, 2nd in
Sports & Entertainment Marketing, 2nd in
Entrepreneurship Test, 3rd in Job Interview. 2nd in
General Marketing Test, 3rd in Marketing Decision
Making, 3rd in Accounting Applications Test, 2nd in
Marketing & Business Foundations Test
State Awards 2008: 3rd place DECA Quiz Bowl,
Diamond Level Chapter Award, Gold Level Chapter
Award, Largest Percent Increase in Membership 20072008, 100+ Membership Award, #14 In Georgia’s Top
25 DECA Chapters
District Awards: Largest CTSO, Outstanding Excellence
in CTAE Month Promotion and CTSO.
Regional Awards 2009: 22 competitors place 1-3 in their
event categories.
State Awards 2009: Outstanding Participation Award,
#16 DECA Top 25, 100+ Membership Award, Gimme
10 Award
Ambassadors SCCPSS District Career Expo
SCJ 100 Mentoring Program in partnership with 100
Black Men, Inc.
Partnerships: Savannah Sand Gnats, Gulfstream, UPS,
Learning for Life, Men”s warehouse, Publix, Caldwell
Banker, Pat Mathis Construction, Savannah’s First Black
Ladies, Savannah State University, Armstrong Atlantic
State University, Savannah Tech, JCM Animal Care,
SCAD, AWOL, & More!