Download Mesopotamia Poster Expectations 2016

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Below is a list of elements that must be included in your completed Mesopotamia poster. You can always add
additional information as you see fit. As always, your poster should be neatly completed and be mostly
Where was Mesopotamia located?
Which present day countries are now located here?
Hand-drawn map of Mesopotamia
How far is Mesopotamia from school (home?)
Choose one of these to include in your project.
 List of civilizations that made Mesopotamia home & a timeline
 What are the requirements of a civilization (explain or show)
 About Hammurabi (importance, what did he do, who was he?)
 4 Hammurabi Laws that you find interesting and why
 Gilgamesh (importance, what did he do, who was he, retell story?)
Describe or show farming and agriculture in Mesopotamia.
Why do civilizations like those from Mesopotamia live close to
bodies of water (importance, purpose)
Steps it would take to farm during a year in Mesopotamia (details)
 What is Cuneiform? Spell both of your names using Cuneiform.
 Under your Cuneiform name, write it using the alphabet.
Choose one of the remaining parts to include in your project.
 Draw & Explain the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
 Draw and explain an invention from Mesopotamia
 What were the social classes in Mesopotamia? (details and show)
 What is a Ziggurat? What was its purpose? Draw a picture of one.