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LRTC: Admin Issues
Ali S. Al Musawi
Planning/Improving an LRTC
1. Determining program needs
What personnel are available to provide
What media services are presently provided?
Who uses the services?
How effective are the services presently being
What service do the center’s clients require?
Who is not using the center’s services?
Are existing collections and facilities
Planning/Improving an LRTC
Determining program needs (Cont’d)
What are the institutional expectations?
What are similar media centers doing?
What existing standards or guidelines may
support center needs?
Does the organization of the center lend
itself to providing the client services, or
could a different structure provide better
and more sufficient services?
Do short-term and long-term plans exist to
meet present and future needs?
Planning/Improving an LRTC
2. Decision making process
• Integrated Versus Separate library/media
• Consolidation of all media and
technology services
• Centralized or decentralized services
• Charge/No charge policy
Planning/Improving an LRTC
3. Considering limitations
• Budget limitations: limited service,
standard service, full service
• Space limitations
Planning/Improving an LRTC
Developing specifications/proposal
Specific objectives
Short and long-term plans
Planning/Improving an LRTC
Identifying the power structure
Formal leaders
Informal leaders
Innovators and Bottleneckers
Planning/Improving an LRTC
6. Creating and presenting the proposal
• Select points of importance
• Data should be well collected, analyzed,
and interpreted
• Write, edit, organize, prepare for
• Schedule a meeting
• Try to “sell” the proposal through a good
Admin. Duties at an LRTC
• Provides professional, creative, and costeffective library, AV and IT support to teachers.
• Provide guidance/training to all teachers in the
effective use of instructional media, resources,
software, and materials.
• Produce, stage, and present programs using
media including video/graphics, books, slides,
multi-image, multimedia, audiotapes and
overhead transparencies.
• Coordinate technical service for and scheduling
of all institution library, AV and IT equipment and
facilities, including distribution and delivery
Admin. Considerations
Internal coordination and work flexibility
Ethics and social responsibility
Disability accommodations
Equipment security
Copyright compliance
Staff health concerns
Decision through problem
1. Identify the problem
2. Analyze the problem
3. Review the alternative previously
4. Implement the decision
5. Evaluate