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Feasibility of Correlation ECE Diagnostic at C-Mod
of the linewidth. This updated model will be used in the future to explore planned
measurements of the radial correlation length, which may be limited by the natural
linewidth of the EC emission, rather than the turbulence [23].
AEW gratefully acknowledges insightful discussions with D. Ernst about turbulence
as observed in nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of Alcator C-Mod plasmas, as well as
helpful comments and suggestions from A. Hubbard, I. H. Hutchinson and P. Phillips
on the topic of ECE measurement interpretation. This work is supported by the US Department of Energy under DE-FC02-99ER54512-CMOD. Computer simulations using
GYRO were carried out on the MIT PSFC parallel AMD Opteron/Infiniband cluster
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