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Creating a
“The Computer as an
Educational Tool:
Productivity and Problem Solving”
©Richard C. Forcier and Don E. Descy
Before You Begin
• Determine purpose
– Informative, educational, persuasive
• Audience
– Clearly identify, target
• Main points
– Catchy headings or titles
• Prepare a sketch of the brochure before
Getting Started
• Click “Microsoft Word” (W)
• From Project Gallery window,
click “Business Forms” arrow
• From drop-down menu,
click “Brochures”
• Choose a template;
click “OK”
Brochure Wizard
• Enter the information requested
• Planning to mail this brochure?
For this project, uncheck box
• Click “Save and Exit”
Inserting Text
• Content
– Relevant, correct, well organized
– Don’t overwhelm
• Language
– Simple, intelligent, friendly,
Brochure Style and Layout
• Group or categorize information
– Does it flow logically?
• Balance of both text and graphics
• Fonts
– Easy to read, bold, italicize,
Inserting/Changing Pictures
• Click an existing picture, delete,
make sure insertion point is
• Click “Insert”, “Picture”,
“ClipArt/From File”, choose picture,
click “Insert”
Inserting/Changing Pictures
• Adjust picture to most appropriate
size, color, etc.
• Graphics should enhance the text.
• Can be drawings, photos, pics, clip
art, logo
• Use captions
Keep in Mind
• Maintain consistency throughout
• Sans-serif font is easier to read than
• Utilize “white space”
– Do you have a frame?
• Incorporate bulleted lists
• Avoid ALL CAPS
A Brochure Layout Guideline