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(J.R.H. 90)
Offered by: Representatives Carmolli of Rutland City, DePoy of Rutland
City, Kreitzer of Rutland City, Mazzariello of Rutland City and
Moore of Rutland City.
Whereas, Captain Barry M. Costello, U.S.N., a native of Rutland, Vermont,
has been selected as an Admiral in the United States Navy, the finest navy in
the world, and
Whereas, he is the fourth son of Bartley J. Costello and Catherine O.
Costello of Rutland, Vermont, and
Whereas, he attended Mount St. Joseph Academy, graduated from Holy
Cross College and was commissioned as an ensign through the NROTC
Program in 1973, and
Whereas, his first assignment was as Communications Officer, Combat
Information Center Officer and Navigator on the U.S.S. Brownson (DD 868),
Whereas, after a tour at Navy Recruiting District Boston, he attended
Albany Law School where he earned a juris doctorate degree in 1981 and was
admitted to the New York State Bar, and
Whereas, he returned to the United States Navy Surface Line Community in
1981, graduated from Surface Weapons Operations (SWOS) Department Head
School, and reported to the U.S.S. Whipple (FF 1062) as weapons officer, and
VT LEG 112350.1
NO. R-114
Page 2
Whereas, this assignment was followed by additional sea tours as operations
officer of Destroyer Squadron Five and executive officer on the U.S.S. Harry
W. Mill (DD 986), and
Whereas, he then attended the College of Naval Command and Staff where
he was elected as honor graduate, graduated with distinction and earned a
master of arts degree in foreign affairs, and
Whereas, Captain Costello was assigned as a joint planner in the
Operational Plans and Interoperability Directorate (J-7), of the United States
Joint Chiefs of Staff, and
Whereas, in recognition of his outstanding service, he was appointed as the
commanding officer of the U.S.S. Elliott, where he participated in the United
States operations in the Middle East, keeping the sea lanes open, and won the
“E” for excellence, the top honor among all west coast ships, and
Whereas, he was then named Commodore, Destroyer Squadron Five and
led his squadron in operations in the Middle East and responded to the crisis
off Taiwan with a sprint from the Middle East to preserve free elections, and
Whereas, he has most recently served as the Navy liaison to the United
States Senate, and
Whereas, Commander Costello’s personal decorations include the Joint
Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Navy
Communications Medal with Gold Star, and
VT LEG 112350.1
NO. R-114
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Whereas, he is married to the former LuAnne Golombowski of Durango,
Colorado and they have two sons, Aidan and Brendan, now therefore be it
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:
That the General Assembly congratulates United States Naval Captain
Barry Costello on his selection for promotion to the rank of Admiral, and be it
Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this
resolution to Captain and Mrs. Barry Costello in McLean, Virginia and to
Captain Costello’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bartley Costello in Rutland,
VT LEG 112350.1