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Main Initiatives during FY2013
Report 2014
Ongoing Customer First Staff Education
Toyota set nationally-designated Consumer’s Month of May as
Customer’s Month and continues to undertake initiatives aimed at spreading
awareness of the Customer First principle throughout the company.
During Customer’s Month, Toyota holds customer feedback experience
events, exhibitions, and lectures with the aim of encouraging a sense of
ownership among employees so that they take action.
Customer feedback experience seminars make use of the Toyota
intranet to distribute customer comments and opinions to all employees.
Customer feedback exhibitions feature customer feedback from Japan and
A customer feedback exhibition
around the world as well as examples of actions being taken from the customer’s perspective. For lectures, Toyota
invites representatives from other companies that practice the Customer First principle so employees can study
initiatives being undertaken at other companies.
In addition to these programs, throughout the year, Toyota conducts tours of its Customer Assistance Center and
customer feedback experience training, and has expert consumer advisors who are able to make proposals from the
customer’s perspective perform facility and vehicle evaluations by Toyota Consumer Advisor Group with the aim of
promoting the permeation of the Customer First Principle
Toyota’s Assisted Mobility Initiatives
New Wheelchair-adapted Voxy and Noah Launched in Response to Super Aging Society in Japan
A cco rd i n g to sta t i st i c s f ro m t h e M i n i st r y o f I n te r n a l A f fa i rs a n d
Communications, the population of seniors aged 75 years and older will increase
by 2.5 times over the 25 years from 2000 to 2025, making Japan a super-aging
society. In response to this change, government policy is shifting health care and
nursing care to the home. As a result, the need for assisted mobility vehicles that
can be easily used at home is likely to increase.
It is against this backdrop that Toyota focused on two specific points when
developing the new Voxy and Noah.
Wheelchair-adapted Noah hybrid Type II with third seat
First, we increased the door height and door width to accommodate a
stretcher, wheelchair with reclining mechanism, or electrically-operated wheelchair as an advancement of the assisted mobility
vehicle. We also adopted an air suspension for the rear to make vehicle height adjustment to ease the slope angle smooth.
The second point was the addition of a forward-falling mechanism for slopes (similar cargo specifications on standard
vehicles are also possible) and offer an option to add seats (if use of a wheelchair is no longer necessary, the vehicle can be
returned to a standard seat layout) as measures for making the vehicles into ordinary cars.
Toyota is committed to continuing development of excellent assisted mobility vehicles.
Welcab Stations Allow Customers to Observe and Test Drive Vehicles and Seek Advice
Welcab Stations are dealer sales outlets where customers can
experience Toyota’s assisted-mobility cars, the Welcab series.
Both Welcab demonstration vehicles and Welcabs for test drive are
available and consultants possessing specialized knowledge are always on
duty. These outlets are barrier-free and equipped with wheelchair-accessible
bathrooms and parking spaces for assisted-mobility vehicles, meaning
everyone can visit with peace of mind. Welcab Station consultants can help
customers choose the right vehicle for seniors, people with physical
disabilities, and those with difficulty getting in and out of cars. As of the end of
May 2014, there are 205 Welcab Station sales outlets operated by 119 dealers.
04-01 Initiatives for Improving Traffic Safety
05-01 Customer First and Quality First Measures
06-01 Creating the Future Society
10-01 Stakeholder Engagement
07-01 Respect for Human Rights
08-01 Collaboration with Business Partners
09-01 Employees
A Welcab Station
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