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Report 2014
Customer Feedback from Each Country and Region
In order to offer products and services based on the Customer First principle, Toyota has established customer
assistance centers not only in Japan, but also in the U.S., Europe, other Asian countries, and at each distributor around
the world. Some encouraging customer feedback received at these centers is listed below.
Customer Feedback Received by Toyota
I’ve been driving my Corolla II for 15 years, and it is
I am 70 years old and I purchased a
a car I like very much. I was quite pleased that when
4Runner for the first time. I have owned
I took it in for inspection, the dealer personnel
various cars in the past, but this one is the
listened carefully to my concerns and made the
best of them. It is durable enough to drive
necessary repairs, replacements, and so on.
more than 200,000 miles.
The Americas
The Friendmatic that allows a wheelchair
I was involved in an accident in a Sequoia. The
to be loaded on the roof of the Aqua
ca r re d u ce d t h e i m p a c t o f t h e f ro n t - e n d
(Welcarry device) is very convenient, and I
collision, and I was not seriously injured. It
like it. I hope that it is made available for
provides safety and security that cannot be
many more cars in the future.
bought with money.
A car that fulfills the desire of adults to have
fun, that turns the heads of young people, and
My car skid while turning and the right side hit a
that makes the owner exercise to fit the car’s
tree. The Corolla saved the life of 22 year-olds. It
sporty image—this is the type of car that I look
is reliable and built to be safe.
forward to in the future.
My Tercel ran for more than 30
years. I am grateful for the high
quality of this wonderful Toyota car.
I drove a Highlander for more than three
years, and it had an extremely good
ride, was fuel efficient, and a great car.
I boasted about it to many of my friends.
I’ve driven 215,000 km on my Prius, but
I’ve never had to repair it. I’ve driven it
through many countries of Europe, and I
can drive with peace of mind because of
its reliability.
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05-01 Customer First and Quality First Measures
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07-01 Respect for Human Rights
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