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Report 2014
Affiliates in Various Regions Conduct Quality Education Programs such as Quality Months
with the Same Intent
Individual regions and affiliates are undertaking highly original quality education measures created
independently such as quality month. CQOs in each region distribute a clear message concerning quality to
affiliates within their regions of responsibility and encourage such activities.
For example, the North America CQO distributed the message that “a deep understanding of your customer’s
expectation is an essential first step,” displayed customer comments and recovered parts during quality month,
expanded quality months to each affiliate within the territory, and implemented other educational programs such
as Customer First Confirmation Day. The Latin America CQO’s message was “Q_ALITY is not Quality without U!”
The CQO implemented measures such as granting excellent supplier awards and holding a dealer skills contest.
In Europe, the CQO’s message was “quality should be at the heart of everything we do,” and various educational
programs were conducted including a quality month, quality forums, a restart day, and quality training.
A video of quality-related episodes was produced
and shown in Thailand
A Genchi Genbutsu Confirmation Conference
at a plant in Australia
04-01 Initiatives for Improving Traffic Safety
05-01 Customer First and Quality First Measures
06-01 Creating the Future Society
10-01 Stakeholder Engagement
07-01 Respect for Human Rights
08-01 Collaboration with Business Partners
09-01 Employees
A supplier meeting in South Africa
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