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High School Options
for Students in the
Northeast Consortium (NEC)
Signature Programs, the Choice Process, and
Application Programs
Information Meeting for NEC Grade 7 Students and Parents
Springbrook High School
Monday, April 22, 2013
Tonight’s Outcomes:
Hear an overview of the --
• Northeast Consortium (NEC)
High School Signature Programs
• Choice Process and Timeline
• Application Programs Available to
NEC Students:
--Magnet programs at Montgomery
Blair, Richard Montgomery, &
Poolesville high schools
--Visual Art Center (VAC) at
Albert Einstein HS
--Professional-Technical Programs at Thomas Edison
High School of Technology (TEHST)
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What is the
Northeast Consortium (NEC)?
The NEC is made up of:
3 high schools, 5 middle schools,
and their feeder elementary schools
James Hubert Blake HS
Paint Branch HS
Springbrook HS
The NEC: 3 Great Schools . . .3 Great Choices!
What do ALL NEC high schools
have in common?
• A comprehensive high school education
• Athletics and extracurricular activities
• Lots of opportunities for you to make friends!
• Newspaper, yearbook, music program
• Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses
• Special education support services and ESOL levels 4 & 5
• TV studio – students produce daily announcements on TV
• Use of technology/computers throughout the school
• Signature programs – programs of instruction based on a
central theme or focus
What is a Signature program?
Instructional program developed around a
central theme that includes:
◦ Rigorous course work
◦ Variety of course offerings in the thematic area
◦ Sequential course offerings to build knowledge
and skills
Themes that appeal to students’ interests:
Thematic programs that help students make
connections with their future – and think
about life after high school – college,
military, and possible future careers.
The NEC: 3 Great Schools . . .3 Great Choices!
What Signature programs are
available in the NEC?
James Hubert Blake HS:
Fine Arts and Humanities
Paint Branch HS:
Science and Media
Springbrook HS:
IB World and Information
James Hubert Blake HS:
Fine Arts and Humanities
Arts & Communications Pathways:
Visual Arts
Studio Art, Ceramics, Photography, Fashion Design
Media Arts
Video Production, Television Production, Journalism, Digital Art
Performing Arts Pathway
Theatre, Music, Dance
Course Example: Foundation of Fashion & Costume Production
Capstone Example: Developing a presentation portfolio
Humanities & Public Service:
History, Cultural Studies, English, World Languages
Public Service
Teacher Education, Child Development, Law
and Public Policy
Course Example: Latin American History
Capstone Example: Mock Trial Competition
Paint Branch HS:
Science and Media
Academy of Health Professions
Medical Careers, Pharmacy Pathway
Become a Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Pharmacy Technician
Academy of Engineering Technology
Nutrition Science
Course Example: Foundation of Medicine & Health Services
Capstone Example: Internship at medical facility
Media Arts:
Video Production
Radio Production
Journalism, Literary Magazine, Photography, Digital Art
Course Example: Radio Production A/B
Capstone Example: Member of daily TV crew
Springbrook HS: IB World
and Information Technology
International Baccalaureate Program:
Challenging, comprehensive curriculum based on a global perspective
International theme - focus on understanding various culture
Emphasis on World Languages - French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic
Middle Years Program (MYP)
Grades 9 - 10
Pre-IB course work
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
Curriculum developed by IBO
IB courses - Grades 11-12
Course Example: Arabic I, IB Physics
Capstone Example: Extended Essay/Independent Study Project
Academy of Information Technology:
Computer Programming
Network Management
Digital Media
Course Example: Designing Technological Solutions
Capstone Example: Microsoft Competition (ap design)
Explore Your Options!
An engaging, interesting and
informative website designed
for the middle school student!
• career interest quiz
• advice on high school courses
• search for college majors
• explore interesting careers
• ask questions to experts in
the field
• learn about hobbies
Hear from NEC high
school students about
their interests and the
exciting high school
Montgomery County Public
Schools - You Choose
What is the Grade 8 NEC timeline?
(Proposed for School Year 2013-2014)
• Choice and Signature program information provided to Grade 8
• Evening parent/student information meetings
• Evening Open House at each NEC high school
• College and career development activities for middle school
• Choice forms mailed to Grade 8 students’ homes
• Evening parent enrollment meeting for non-MCPS students
• Completed Choice forms due to NEC middle schools
• High school assignments mailed to students’ homes
NEC High School
Choice Process
Step #1
Complete a Choice
Parents/students rank
the 3 NEC high schools
in order of preference,
based on the Signature
programs at each school.
Step #2
Choice forms are run
through a computerized
lottery process.
Factors which may impact the
school assignment process:
Step #3
School capacity (space
Number of students who choose
their base school
Ranking of schools on Choice
Sibling link
Socio-economic diversity
Gender balance
High school assignment letters are mailed to students’
Every effort is made to assign students to their first choice. Some students
may be assigned their 2nd or 3rd choice school.
What if my child wants to attend
her/his base area high school?
The base area high school is determined by a
student’s home address.* Assignment to a
student’s base high school is guaranteed if it is:
1) Indicated as 1st choice on the Choice form
2) Indicated as 2nd choice on the Choice form
AND the 1st choice is not available.
* To determine your base high school, visit:
What are some frequently
asked questions?
On average what percentage of
students received their 1st choice over
the last five years?
Is transportation available?
Students will receive bus transportation if they live:
• in the Consortium attendance area
• beyond walking distance of their assigned school
(about 2 miles, as determined by MCPS).
• All 3 NEC high schools provide:
– A comprehensive educational
program, including after school
activities, athletics, and clubs.
– Excellent programs that appeal
to students’ interests.
• The Choice process encourages
discussion about student interests,
high school opportunities, and
future goals.
The NEC: 3 Great Schools . . .3 Great Choices!
What other high school options
are available?
Application-Only Programs Available to NEC Students*:
Science, Math & Computer Science Magnet at Montgomery
Blair HS
International Baccalaureate (IB) at Richard Montgomery HS
Global Ecology Studies Program at Poolesville HS
Visual Arts Center (VAC) at Albert Einstein HS
Half-day Academic, Professional & Technical Career
Education Programs at Thomas Edison High School of
Technology (TEHST)
*NOTE: Students who apply for application-only programs must
still complete and turn in an NEC Choice form by the due date.
Applicant Characteristics
Parents, ask yourselves: To an exceptional degree, does my child…
Show curiosity about ideas, events and how things work,
or have a questioning attitude?
Demonstrate initiative and intellectual curiosity?
Have an ability to learn at a faster rate?
Have an unusual understanding and use of language?
Have strong critical and creative thinking abilities?
Show empathy and sensitivity towards others?
Have an ability to see relationships and detect patterns?
Have a positive self-concept?
Understand his or her strengths and know when and how to
ask for help?
Prefer long-range goals to short-term or immediate needs?
Science/Mathematics/Computer Science
Magnet Program at Blair
The Magnet Program offers accelerated, interdisciplinary
courses in science, mathematics, and computer science
for highly able students particularly interested in these
Students in Grade 8 with a strong interest in science,
mathematics, and computer science who are enrolled in
at least Algebra I may apply.
Magnet students have an eight period day, instead of the
normal seven period day at most county high schools.
Applicants must be residents of one of the following
high school clusters: the Downcounty Consortium, the
Northeast Consortium, B-CC, Churchill, Walter Johnson,
Richard Montgomery, Rockville, Sherwood, Whitman, or
*Students from other high school clusters can apply to the
Science/Mathematics/Computer Science House at Poolesville HS
Richard Montgomery IB Magnet Program*
Located in Rockville; All high school clusters may apply
Countywide program for academically capable and
committed students interested in pursuing a rigorous preuniversity course of studies in: English ; Foreign Language;
Individuals and Societies Economics, Psychology, History;
Experimental Sciences; Mathematics; and The Arts and
Students successfully completing the program earn an
MCPS diploma, a Maryland Certificate of Merit, and the
internationally recognized IB Diploma.
Grade 8 students who are enrolled in at least Level I of
Spanish, French, or Chinese (or are qualified bilingual
students who are fluent in those languages), Algebra I, and
have taken 2 G/T or advanced courses may apply.
*The IB diploma earned at any high school offering an IB
diploma program adheres to the same rigorous testing and
essay requirements.
Poolesville Global Ecology House*
Poolesville High School features a whole-school magnet program
in which students select a specific area of concentration from 3
“houses,” all of which provide options for rigorous and advanced
academic coursework. Global Ecology House open to all MCPS
Global Ecology House students study environmental issues
through rigorous interdisciplinary science and social studies
curricula; focus on human impact on the natural environment.
Grade 8 students from any MCPS high school cluster who are in
Algebra I or higher may apply to the Global Ecology House.
The Global Ecology program has existed for over 10 years.
* Grade 8 students who live in one of the following high school clusters who are in
Algebra I or higher may also apply to the Science/Mathematics/ Computer
Science House and/or to the Humanities House: Clarksburg, Damascus,
Gaithersburg, Magruder, Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Seneca Valley,
or Watkins Mill
Countywide Application Programs
Science, Mathematics, Computer Science Magnet Program
Montgomery Blair HS
◦ Contact Mr. Peter Ostrander, magnet coordinator,
◦ 301-649-8240
International Baccalaureate (IB) Magnet Program
Richard Montgomery HS
◦ Contact Ms. Jennifer Hoover, magnet coordinator,
Global Ecology House
Poolesville HS
◦ Contact Ms. Billie Bradshaw,
magnet coordinator, 301-972-7976
The Visual Art Center
Albert Einstein High School
High level half-day program offering a
broad perspective of the fine arts, art
history, contemporary artists, and artwork.
 Students can do ½ day at home high
school and ½ day at Einstein OR transfer
to Einstein.
 Admission is selective. Applicants are
evaluated on completed art courses,
portfolio, personal interview, teacher
recommendations, and transcript.
Thomas Edison High School of Technology
Half-day program for students in Grades 10-12.
Students attend home HS for ½ day and TEHST for
½ day.
Programs such as: Interior Design, Medical
Careers, Cosmetology, Professional Restaurant
Management, Network Operations, Carpentry,
Masonry, Plumbing, Autobody Repair, HVAC.
Application Programs
Available to students who attend
a DCC middle school or reside in the DCC
Students who live in the NEC and attend a DCC middle school (and students who
live in the DCC) are also eligible to apply to the following programs in the fall of
Grade 8:
Communication Arts Program (CAP) at Blair HS
 Designed for students who wish to develop their intellectual, creative,
and communication skills in the fields of media and the humanities.
 For additional information, contact Anne Cullen,
Program Coordinator, at (301) 649-2854 or visit
Leadership Training Institute (LTI) at Kennedy HS
 A rigorous interdisciplinary education emphasizing experiential
learning, community service projects, and leadership theory and
 For additional information, contact
Yolanda Rious, Program Coordinator, at (301) 962-5930,
or visit
Application Programs Available to
students who attend a DCC middle
school or reside in the DCC
Students who live in the NEC and attend a DCC middle school (and students who live in
the DCC) are also eligible to apply to the following programs in the fall of Grade 8:
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Program at Wheaton HS
 A hands- on, collaborative program for students with a strong
interest in math, science and medicine
 For additional information, contact Heather Carias, Academy
Coordinator, at (301) 929-2068 or visit
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering at Wheaton HS
 A rigorous competitive program for students with a strong interest
in math, science and engineering; multiple fields of engineering
 For additional information, contact Andrea Robertson, Engineering
Program Director, at 301-929-2050 or visit www.montgomery programs/high/engineering.aspx
Proposed Application-Only Timeline
Information nights: October 2013 –
hosted by each high school application
Application deadline: Early November
Testing: Early December 2013
Notification: Early February 2014
*Note: Students may apply to multiple programs.
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