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Fuji Xerox Die Cut Wine Box
Part of the Fuji Xerox Die Cut Solutions range, the wine box allows for
personalised packaging to be produced quickly and easily. It’s as
simple as design, print, trim and assemble. The wine box is primarily
used for the transportation of wine and other liquor bottles however
could also be used for cosmetics, confectionary and other tall items
that require a customised boxing solution.
Product Features
 Print your own customised design
 Pre-scored stock allows for easy assembly
 Concept allows for greater flexibility and creativity
 Superb digital print quality with Colotech stock
 No need to have pre-printed templates
 Print on demand, personalising each box
 Finished box dimensions: 82 x 382 x 82mm
 Wine bottle Packaging
 Other bottle Packaging
 Confectionary Packaging
 Cosmetic Packaging
Product Specifications
Part number:
Stock Weight:
350gsm Colotech Matt
iGen Size (364 x 521mm)
125 pack
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