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CVs and Covering Letters
Claire Ward & Helen Gorman,
Careers & Employability Advisers
How do I write my CV?
• Appreciate the function of a CV
• Learn about good practice in content and style of CV
• Understand how to select relevant details for the job
• Make connections between experience and employer’s
• Understand the purpose and content of covering letters
What is the purpose of a CV?
• Demonstrates both suitability and potential for the
• Promote yourself – with particular emphasis on recent and
relevant experiences
• Tell your story
• To get an interview
Consider who is going to read your CV?
• What is the employer is looking for?
• What is different about being an undergraduate?
• Employers want work related skills –
people skills, initiative, problem solving, team work
• Plus experience of any kind
CV guidelines
Effective layout and presentation
Right amount of detail
Tailored to a particular job - relevant
Interesting – makes you want more
What to include
Personal Information
Education – what do you have to offer?
Work Experience – paid and unpaid
Interests – what else do you do?
Additional skills – languages, IT literacy
• Have you dissected the job details and researched the job
and organisation?
• Have you written a list of the essential skills, qualities and
experience required and the matching evidence you can
• Are you using the right language?
Different styles
•Skills based/targeted/functional
•Different – to attract attention
Cover emails and letters
•Effective presentation and layout
•Not repeating what’s in the CV
•Explains interest in the job/why applying
•Shows understanding of organisation
•Appropriate language/register
What to include
•Why writing?
•Why you?
•Why the employer/organisation?
•What next?
Further help
Short interview with a careers adviser Mon-Fri 10-5pm
Briefing sessions – every lunch time!
Employer Events
Vacancies – part time, work experience, graduate jobs