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Where Are Active Volcanoes?
1. Identify the plate boundaries that are close to sites of volcanic activity.
2. Hypothesize why volcanic activity occurs in the locations you have marked on
Lab Sheet 9.
3. Which volcanoes occur at subduction boundaries? Divergent boundaries? At
hot spots?
4. From the information you have on your lab sheet, describe where you see the
most volcanic activity. For example, is volcanic activity more prevalent at a
particular longitude?
5. Of the volcanoes listed in the table, find the ratio of the number of active
volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire to the total number of active volcanoes.
How can you use this ratio to predict the likelihood that an eruption
occurring on Earth will occur in the Pacific Ring of Fire?
6. Based on your analysis, where would you expect most future volcanic activity
on Earth to take place?