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International Conference on Autonomous and
Intelligent Systems (AIS 2011)
June 21 - 23, 2011, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Scope and Venue
The 2nd International Conference on Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AIS 2011) is held in conjunction with the 8th
International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR 2011) in the beautiful city of Burnaby on the outskirt
of Vancouver, Canada. It aims at providing a platform for researchers, engineers, academics and industrial professionals
to present their recent research work and to explore future trends in various areas of autonomous and intelligent
systems. The conference will address recent advances in theory, methodologies and applications in the ever growing
field. The scientific program will include distinguished keynote and invited speakers and fully refereed contributions that
will be published in a special volume of the Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. It will be indexed in major
indexing databases. Selected articles will be considered for publication in the Int. Journal of Robotics and Automation
and in the Int. Journal on Control and Intelligent Systems, among other journals. AIS 2011 will be organized into four
tracks, with the list of technical areas in each track given below.
Track 1: Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
Track 3: Haptics and Human Machine Interaction
Track Chairs: William Malek and Med Biglarbegian (Canada)
• Autonomous and intelligent robotics
• Computational intelligence
• Cooperative intelligent systems
• Distributed artificial intelligence
• Intelligent control and fuzzy systems
• Multi-agent systems
• Smart sensing and perception
• Swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation
• Applications: Intelligent transportation systems, assistive
technologies, smart environments, embedded systems,
rescue, surveillance and reconnaissance, robotics, industrial
Track Chairs: Abed El Saddik (Canada) and Dana Kulic (Canada)
• Biomechatronics and biomedical robotics
• Hapto-surgical/medical systems
• Haptic sensors and renderers
• Hapto-audio-visual systems
• Human-computer interaction
• Human factors and ergonomics in human-machine interactions
• Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and
• Neuro-robotics
• Tele-haptics and tele-operations
• Applications: e-health applications, rehabilitation, haptic
gaming, entertainment, social robotics, e-learning.
Track 2: Signals and Intelligent Communication Systems
Track 4: Intelligent Data Analysis
Track Chair: Slim Boumaiza (Canada)
• Image/video processing and coding
• Nonlinear circuits and systems
• RF tracking and positioning
• RFID and ISM band systems
• Cognitive Radio
• Speech processing and coding
• Wavelets and multi-rate signal processing
• Applications: Navigations systems, natural speech
recognition, wireless sensor networks, security and
surveillance systems, fraud detection and prediction,
intelligent satellite systems.
Track Chairs: Reda ElHajj (Canada) and Richard ElKhoury (Canada)
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
• Data and Decision Fusion
• Data visualization
• Data Analysis
• Intelligent Knowledge Management
• Machine Learning
• Natural Language Understanding
• Applications: e-Learning, customer profiling, collectedmarketing, health, database mining, communications, homeland
security, surveillance, fraud detection and prediction, search
engines, web services, user modeling.
Organizing Committee:
General co-Chairs:
Mohamed Kamel, Canada
Fakhri Karray, Canada
Program co-Chairs
Wail Gueaieb, Canada
Alaa Khamis, Egypt
Tutorial/Workshop Chair
Howard Li, Canada
Local Arrangement Chairs
Jie Liang, Canada
Faisal Beg, Canada
Ivan Bajic, Canada
Carlo Menon, Canada
Jian Pei, Canada
Publication co-Chairs
Khaled Hammouda, Canada
Sajad Saeedi, Canada
Publicity Chairs
Shahab Ardalan, Canada
Web Master
Khaled Hammouda, Canada
Conference Secretariat
[email protected]
International Advisory Board
Pierre Borne, France
Toshio Fukuda, Japan
Elmer Dadios, Philippines
Clarence de Silva, Canada
Mo Jamshidi, USA
Jong-Hwan Kim, S. Korea
Tong.H. Lee, Singapore
Oussama Khatib, USA
Kauru Hirota, Japan
Witold Perdrycz, Canada
Important Dates
• Paper submission deadline: January 17, 2011
• Camera-ready version and author registration: March 18, 2011
• Author notification: February 28, 2011