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NSDL and the Math Gateway
Lang Moore
Minicourse #3
Joint Mathematics Meetings
January 14, 2006
National Science Digital Library
• Program of NSF begun in 2000
• Over 200 funded projects
• Central organization by Core Integration
The Math Gateway
The Math Gateway is an NSDL Project developed by the
Mathematical Association of America with stewardship for
undergraduate mathematics. It is an outgrowth of
The Mathematical Sciences Digital Library (MathDL)
The Mathematical Sciences Conference Group on Digital
Educational Resources (Conference Group)
Conference Group
The Conference Group is a loose organization of
people and projects with an interest in the
development and presentation of web-based learning
materials in mathematics.
The Conference Group has met each spring at MAA
headquarters in Washington since 2001.
Initial Gateway Partners
• MathDL
• Math World
• Math Forum
• iLumina
• Demos with Positive Impact
• National Curve Bank
• Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
• NSDL Middle School Portal
• Ethnomathematics Digital Library
• Connected Curriculum Project
• College Board
• Mathematics Survey
• webODE
• Eduworks
• WeBWork