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Southwest Asia
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Lesson Quiz 3
DIRECTIONS: True/False Indicate whether the statement is true (T) or false (F).
1. Yemen is a highly urbanized country.
2. The Arabian Desert is sparsely populated.
3. Arabic is the most widespread language in Southwest Asia. 4. Islam is the dominant
religion in Southwest Asia.
5. Afghanistan is one of Southwest Asia’s richest countries.
DIRECTIONS: Multiple Choice Indicate the answer choice that best answers the
6. Which statement is the most accurate depiction of the population in
Southwest Asia?
A. The population in oil-rich countries is declining.
B. Most countries in the region remain rural and isolated.
C. A high percentage of the region’s population is below 15 years of age.
D. The total population of Southwest Asia is far less than that of the United
7. What are the two main branches of Islam in Southwest Asia? A. Hazari and
Afghani C. Arabic and Persian
B. Islamist and Kurdish D. Sunni and Shia
8. Which of the following is significant because it is the holy month of fasting
for Muslims?
A. December C. Eid al-Fitr
B. Ramadan D. Rosh Hashanah
9. Which territories are at the center of the Arab-Israeli conflict?
A. Gaza Strip and West Bank
B. Suez Canal and Golan Heights C. Syria and Jordan
D. Lebanon and Sinai Peninsula
10. What is the main reason that Syria and Iraq oppose dam-building projects
along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Turkey?
A. They do not want Turkey to hire Kurdish workers to build the dams. B.
They object to Turkey’s use of foreign funds to build the dams.
C. They fear that river flow will be reduced when the dams are built.
D. They believe that Turkey will produce more electricity than they can.
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