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UUFSLOC Worship Script
Rev. 6/7/2016
Before service, connect with Chalice Lighter for that Sunday. Remind
them to come, light the chalice from behind the chalice as Worship
Associate reads, and remain standing behind the chalice until the
reading is finished; then return to seat in the congregation.
At 11:00, Worship Associate makes eye contact with accompanist/choir
director to be sure that all is ready, then rings the chime and sits down
for the Prelude.
Prelude -
Welcome – Worship Associate
Good morning, I’m ____ _____ and I am serving as Worship Associate
this morning.
We gather here as a covenantal religious community. We do not come
together around a single set of beliefs. We gather around the promise we
have made to treat each other with respect and compassion as we each
seek out and nurture our own best selves, while encouraging others to do
the same. The promise that sustains this community can hold many
diverse beliefs, perspectives, abilities, and experiences. It is in that spirit
that I welcome you all today.
Page 2
We extend an especially warm welcome to our visitors this morning.
The weekly bulletin “News and Notes” is distributed on the chairs
around the sanctuary with information about the activities here. Please
join us after the service for coffee, juice and lively conversation in the
Social Hall, where we also have Fair Trade Products for sale in a selfserve cabinet and feel free to enjoy our labyrinth space just outside the
doors to the foyer.
If you have not already done so, please take this opportunity to silence
your electronic devices.
Once again, a warm welcome to all!
Call to Worship – Minister or WA
Sample (#429, William F. Schulz):
Come into this place of peace and let its silence heal your spirit.
Come into this place of memory and let its history warm your soul.
Come into this place of prophecy and power and let its vision change
your heart.
Page 3
Please join me in singing from your seats the words that are printed in
your order of service under Doxology:
From all that dwell below the skies
Let faith and hope with love arise;
Let beauty, truth and good be sung
In every land, by every tongue.
Lighting the Chalice – WA
WA reads Chalice Lighting words as chalice is lit. Chalice Lighter to
remain standing behind the chalice until the reading is finished:
_____ ______ will light our chalice this morning.
Sample (#451, Leslie Pohl-Kosbau):
Flame of fire, spark of the universe that warmed our ancestral hearth;
agent of life and death, symbol of truth and freedom. We strive to
understand ourselves and our earthly home.
Mission –WA
Please join me in reading our Mission, which is printed on the back of
your order of service:
Page 4
The mission of our congregation is
To deepen connections by
Nurturing spiritual growth
Practicing justice and
Inspiring joy
Hymn – Announced by WA
Please rise in body or spirit and join in singing hymn #___ in the ____
hymnal: _________.
Storytelling - Minister or WA or Storyteller
Storyteller sits on chancel step or on a chair. Always use a microphone.
Children’s Blessing (sung) as the children leave.
May your minds be open to new learning, may your lips bring truth into
the world. May your hearts know love and your hands do the work of
justice, as you go your way in peace…as you go your way in peace.
If the minister is reading the J & C, the WA lights the candles. If the WA
is reading them, you must ask someone to light the candles.
Candles of Joy & Concern – Minister or WA
Page 5
We have set aside this time in our service to share with each other those
milestones that are most deeply felt in our lives. ______ will light a
candle as I read each one. If you would like, please stand or hold up your
hand as I acknowledge your milestone so that we may send our thoughts
your way.
Read joys and sorrows.
We will light one more candle for all who gather here and all those we
carry in our hearts and minds.
Meditation and Prayer [or Silent Reflection] – Minister or WA
Let’s take a few moments to hold together those joys and sorrows that
were spoken and those that remain unspoken…Let’s open our minds and
hearts to the place of quiet, to the silent prayer for the healing of pain,
and to a renewed awareness of and commitment to the truly awesome
power of love within and beyond this community.
Silence – one or two minutes – ring chime to signal end of silence.
Offering - Minister or WA
We believe it is a blessing and a privilege to be able to govern and
support our religious community ourselves – so let there now be an
Page 6
offering from our abundance to sustain this gathering and to strengthen
the work of love that grows from our commitment to each other and to
the world.
Please say with me the words that are printed in the order of service:
We are this church,
We are its hands, its heart, its voice.
Together we share the wealth of this community
And sustain it with our gifts.
Listening to Music – instrumental or choir
Readings - WA
Listening to Music – instrumental or choir
Sermon – Minister or guest speaker
Closing Hymn
Please rise in body or spirit and join in singing hymn #___ in the ____
hymnal: _________.
Page 7
You may remain standing. It is this congregation’s tradition to join
hands - as you are comfortable doing so - as a physical reminder of a
great spiritual truth – we are all connected.
Benediction/Closing Words – Minister or WA or guest speaker
(#683, Theodore Parker):
Be ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere;
Its temple, all space;
Its shrine, the good heart;
Its creed, all truth;
Its ritual, works of love;
Its profession of faith, divine living.
Extinguishing the Chalice – Minister or WA
(#456, Elizabeth Selle Jones)
We extinguish this flame, but not the light of truth, the warmth of
community, or the fire of commitment. These we carry in our hearts
until we are together again.