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Course Proposal Details for - Contemporary British and Irish Theatre and Performance (Course code not assigned)
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
Course Description
Contemporary British and Irish Theatre and Performance is a unique course in th
challenging, dynamic, and diverse introduction to theatre that makes a global im
while the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe take
This course offers students a supportive environment in which to develop and ap
the students in two-hour group seminars in which students workshop performanc
dramatic texts and forms, with a focus on the practical implications of local, glo
and practical activities set by a selection of Scotland's award-winning writers, pl
dedicated, independent development organisation for playwrights, who work act
from a number of experts in the fields of dramaturgy, choreography, performanc
In addition to the academic programme, SUISS offers an extensive programme of
film, and festival shows, as well as exclusive audiences with some of Scotland's l
By the end of the course, students should have acquired and developed skills in p
that of others. Students should also hone skills in textual analysis of contempora
The two-week course offers:
* Seminars: SUISS tutors lead nine, two-hour performance and textual analysis se
* Masterclasses: Subjects include dramaturgy, performance psychology, direction
* Festival Performances: TBA according to Edinburgh International Festival and F
* Scottish Playwrights¿ Studio Discussions: These are run by accomplished practit
* Backstage Pass: In 2015 this will be with Wendy Timmons, Programme Director
rehearsals, event advertising, technical elements, and backstage management.
Normal Year Taken
Year 3 Undergraduate
Course Level (PG/UG)
Visiting Student Availability
Part-year visiting students only
SCQF Credits
Credit Level (SCQF)
SCQF Level 10
Home Subject Area
English Literature
Other Subject Area
Course Organiser
Olga Taxidou
Course Secretary
Lauren Pope
% not taught by this institution
Collaboration Information (School / Institution)
Students will attend Scottish Playwrights' Studio Discussions.
Total contact teaching hours
Any costs to be met by students
Students will pay a course fee to cover all teaching and administrative expenses.
2 years of academic study. Students are also requested to read the set texts prio
Prohibited Combinations
Visting Student Pre-requisites
Visiting students should have the equivalent of at least 2 years of study at Unive
theatre, performance, literature, criticism, dramaturgy, politics
Fee Code (if invoiced at course level)
Lauren Pope
Default Mode of Study
Classes & Assessment excl. centrally arranged exam
Default delivery period
Marking Scheme to be employed
Common Marking Scheme - UG Honours Mark/Grade
Taught in Gaidhlig?
Course Type
Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes/L01
Students should:
Be able to demonstrate understanding of contemporary British and Irish theatre
Learning Outcome 2
Describe, analyse, and critically evaluate contemporary British and Irish dramati
Learning Outcome 3
Develop and practice creative approaches to dramatic texts.
Learning Outcome 4
Demonstrate critical engagement with contemporary British and Irish dramatic te
Learning Outcome 5
Evaluate live theatre critically through written performance analysis.
Special Arrangements
Components of Assessment
Final mark/grade composed of oral, written, and practical assessments, as follow
Oral: class contribution in seminars, shared feedback on practical exercises, and
Written: 1,500 word performance analysis of two Edinburgh International Festiva
reflection on the student¿s learning and practice.(10%)
40% Practical: Workshop performances of scenes from contemporary British and
our tutors.
To pass, students must achieve 40% overall.
Exam Information
Seminars: Over two weeks, SUISS tutors lead nine two-hour performance and tex
Performance Analysis
Performance Psychology
Textual Analysis
Theatre: Theory and Criticism
Theatre as Public Political Forum
Theatre and the Body
Masterclasses: Subjects include:
Performance Analysis
Performance Psychology
Theatre: Theory and Criticism
Lectures: In conjunction with our Contemporary Literature course, students will
* Samuel Beckett's Endgame and Sarah Kane's Blasted
* Martin McDonagh's The Cripple of Inishmaan
* David Greig's The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman he once Loved in the
Festival Performances: TBA according to Edinburgh International Festival and Fes
Scottish Playwrights' Studio Discussions: These are run by accomplished practitio
Backstage Pass: In 2015 this will be with Wendy Timmons, Programme Director fo
rehearsals, event advertising, technical elements, and backstage management.
Attendance for all classes, plays, and excursions is mandatory.
Academic Description
Study Pattern
Contact Teaching Hours: 39
Expected Independent Study: 81
Total Hours: 120
Transferable Skills
Communication skills, research methods, textual analysis, reflective learning, tim
Study Abroad
Reading Lists
John McGrath, The Cheviot, the stag, and the black, black oil. (1973)
Caryl Churchill, Cloud 9 (1978)
Brian Friel, Translations (1980)
Sarah Kane, Blasted (1995)
Martin McDonagh, The Cripple of Inishmaan (1996)
Nicola McCartney, Heritage (1998)
Zinnie Harris, Further than the Furthest Thing (2000)
David Harrower, Blackbird (2005)
Gregory Burke. Black Watch (2006)
David Greig, The cosmonaut's last message to the woman he once loved in the fo
debbie tucker green, Random (2008)
Angelaki, Vicky (ed). Contemporary British Theatre. Breaking New Ground. (Basin
Badiou, Alain. Rhapsody for the Theatre. (London + Brooklyn: Verso, 2013)
Balme, Christopher. The Theatrical Public Sphere. (Cambridge: CUP, 2014).
Fortier, Mark. Theory/Theatre. An Introduction. (London + NY: Routledge, 2002)
McGrath, John. A Good Night Out. Popular Theatre: Audience, Class and Form. (L
Reid, Trish. Theatre & Scotland. (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013)
Shepherd, Simon. Theatre, Body and Pleasure. (London + NY: Routledge, 2006)