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Fascinating Facts
THE SNOWMAN was first shown on television in 1982 and has been screened every
Christmas since.
The live stage show of THE SNOWMAN was created in Birmingham at the city’s Repertory
Theatre in 1993 and composer Howard Blake wrote the additional music whilst backstage at
the theatre. The show celebrates its 24th anniversary this year.
The famous ‘Walking In The Air’ theme tune has been used in many different forms since
reaching No 3 in the Charts including a recording by The Band of The Welsh Guards for the
Queen’s 80th birthday, a rap version, a heavy metal version and a version for 62 sheep bells
and bagpipes.
'Walking In The Air', by Howard Blake, reached number 3 in the UK charts when sung by
choirboy Aled Jones in 1985, and the song was voted number 2 in a poll conducted by Classic
FM to find out children’s favourite pieces of classical music, beating Prokofiev’s Peter and the
Wolf and Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy amongst others.
Each performance requires 42 people to bring THE SNOWMAN to life - 17 dancers, 5
musicians and 20 stage crew.
A total of 60 costumes are used for the show and each one is made by hand in Birmingham
Repertory Theatre's wardrobe department.
Each of the 11 snowman costumes takes 1 week to make and they are created from more
than 11 miles of white net.
265 individual props are used in the show, ranging from authentic-looking lumps of coal for the
Snowmen's noses, toy soldiers, a sleigh, and even a motorcycle with sidecar.
Since its creation in Birmingham the live stage show of THE SNOWMAN has delighted
audiences in the West End at the Peacock Theatre for a record-breaking 19 festive seasons.
THE SNOWMAN is the longest running Christmas show in English theatre history and will
continue to delight audiences at London's Peacock Theatre for many Christmases to come.
THE SNOWMAN live stage show has flown as far as South Korea, Finland and Japan.
In 2010 THE SNOWMAN live stage show was filmed in the auditorium of Birmingham
Repertory Theatre –the show’s birthplace – in front of a live audience, 14 cameras and a
superb narration by Joanna Lumley. A DVD of the show is now on release.
THE SNOWMAN book is available in 15 different languages.
Over 8.4 million SNOWMAN books have bee sold worldwide.