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Vanessa Harrison
Lesson: Standard Deviation
Objective: SWBAT……
Understand that standard deviation is a measure of the spread of the data
Use their prior knowledge of mean, variance…etc to calculate the standard deviation
Use Microsoft Excel to derive formulas and create charts that show the spread of data collected
Essential Question: What information determines standard deviation and how can we illustrate
such data?
Materials: Math work sheets, Microsoft excel
Student Activities
Teacher Activities
Points of Evaluation
What are the students doing?
What is the teacher doing?
(questions to support students work )
Anticipated responses from students, and
what teacher should do as a result
Do Now: Complete sheet #1
 Using the set of data used on the worksheet
solve for the variance
 Then solve for Standard Deviation
Share results with the class
Log Attendance;
encourage students to be
persistent deriving
Have calculators available so
that students are able to check
their work.
Discuss what
information is
needed to derive the
Challenge students
to agree or disagree,
 Using excel enter the data given in the
math worksheet
 Create a formula for standard deviation
 Graph the bell curve to display the
spread of the data.
Walk around the room to
see if the class as
individuals comprehend
the previous discussion
and can apply it to their
Copy down HW:
Assign HW
Content Specific Vocabulary: Standard Deviation, Mean, Variance
Can you explain how you
derived the answer
How does the information relate to
the graph