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Ancient Egypt
Whole Group
Candice Dudley
Katrena Ellett
Christy Anderson
Jana Raddon
Fine Arts
Social Studies
Power Point Presentation
- Introduce ancient
Egypt with pictures of
pyramids, tombs,
mummies, art, etc.
- There will be pictures all over the chalk board of many
things from Ancient Egypt.
For example: Picture of King Tut and other famous
Egyptians, the Nile river, canopy jars, mummies,
hieroglyphics, etc. Then I will ask the students to guess
what we will be covering for the next few
- Then students will get out a pen and paper and write
about what they know about Ancient Egypt
and about the pictures on the board.
Play Memory as a class
using Egyptian
numerals correlating
with our numbers.
Students will work together to
build a pyramid much like the
ancient Egyptians did, only
this time they will use other
people in their group instead
of using stones.
Technology Station
Look up art & architecture from
ancient Egypt
- www.activity
- Have students look up museum
websites and answer questions
about ancient Egyptian art works.
- Have students explore ancient
Egyptian art on the provided
websites and have them choose a
couple of their favorites and
explain their importance.
- Use this website:
The Art of Mummification
- Students will go to www.activity and
explore the section called “Ancient
Egyptian Mummies”
- Have an activity of mummifying a
chicken and the students will also make a
for the mummified chicken.
Algebra Explorations
The Case of the Pharaoh's
Puzzle A Coordinate
Geometry Game
- Students work in groups
of two to work their way
decoding clues and
solving geometry puzzles
to conquer the game. http://www.studyworkson
Look up what the ancient
Egyptian ate, and what they used
for medicine
-students will look up ancient
Egyptian medicines:
-students will look up Ancient
Egyptian food:
- Students will go to www.activity and
explore the section called “The Pyramids of
- Class will watch a movie called
“Mysteries of the Pyramids”.
- As an activity each student will build a
step pyramid out of sugar cubes and then
write a paper
of what they would have put in their
Students will do
Egyptian numerals
Exploration 1
Model Miniature Mummies
- Model self-hardening material over
a plastic box to make a mummy case
which opens to reveal a gauzewrapped figure.
- Begin Mummy
- Complete Mummy
- Build demonstration project & have
students sketch mummy case designs
- Students begin mummy cases
- Complete sculpture of mummy
- Paint mummy cases
- Complete painted details
- Critique, evaluation & exhibit
Ancient Egyptian Dancing.
-Students will be in groups of about
5- 6
-they will be given “Egyptian
music” to choreograph a dance to
-students will use their
preconceived and newly learned
information to create dance moves
-the group will have to fill a 2-3
minute time period with their dance
-the group will perform their dance
for the whole class
-after performing, the students will
explain why they used the dance
moves they did, and why they relate
to ancient Egypt
Exploration 2
Text Station
Build a paper model of a
Pharaoh death mask.
- Print paper models
from website,
- Cut out the 5 pieces of
the model
- Assemble head piece
- Fold & slide in place
the beard & headpiece
- Assemble shoulders &
- Final assembly
- Need; paper model,
glue, card/poster board,
paint, scissors
Ancient Civilization and the Geography of Egypt
- Students will explore the Ancient Civilization of Egypt
- Students will learn the geography of Egypt. They will
do this by filling in a blank outline map of
Egypt after searching some internet sites. Map is found at
- Students will then use Print Shop to make a travel
brochure of Ancient Egypt. They can draw the picutres
or down load them from the internet.
- Students will read about daily life in Egypt.
- To conclude, Have them write letters to friends who
want to know all about what daily life is
like in ancient Egypt. Have students to focus on one
particular facet of Egyptian life that they
find especially interesting.
Internet sites:
Construct a geometric
model of a pyramid
- Look at history of
pyramids at
- make models using
protractors to the
nearest inch.
Games of Ancient Egypt
-Students will go to:
And play the games the
ancient Egyptians did.
Write name in hieroglyphics
- Students will learn the
history of hieroglyphics
and the Rosetta Stone
then will write their
names in Egyptian
Text Station: Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt
- Students will be paired up.
- Then with their partners they will choose a King or a
Queen of Egypt.
- After choosing the person the will have the opportunity
to do research on this person. They will
use the internet, library, all the sources they can to learn
about this King or Queen.
- Then they will give a presentation on the person they
Some sites that could be used:
Use decimeter squares
to measure lifespans &
create metric-based
time line going back to
ancient Egypt
- Have students
measure their
life spans
- Create a metric
based timeline
going back to
ancient Egypt
Make up your own ancient
Egyptian game
-Students will make their own
ancient Egyptian games based
upon what they have learned
about the culture
-students will include rules
the game and equipment
needed for the game
References: structuralgenomics/ (Rosetta Stone Message)