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Ancient World History Final Project (50 points)
Children’s Book/video game/board game/rap video/movie/Commercial…..etc
Children’s Book (solo): You are a children’s author who has been assigned the task of writing and illustrating a
children’s book on any event from Ancient History. Your goal is to create a book with Illustrations that will bring
this event to life in the eyes of a young child
Format: A children’s book with 10 chapters. Each chapter should have:
1) A paragraph explaining a topic or event in your own words and why it was important
2) An illustration (on each page) that will help your audience to understand what they are reading
Video Game (1-2 people): You have been assigned the job of creating the next big video game! The game must
revolve around an event/person from Ancient World History.
1) Video game design with the front and back cover of box (which includes a brief description of the game,
what console(s) it’s played on and what the rating is.
2) An instruction manual that describes no less than 5 characters (with pictures), no less than 10 items or
tools you can find in the game(with pictures) and a 1-2 page walk through of the task you are to perform
in the game
3) 2 screen shots from the game
4) A taped commercial/advertisement for your game
Board Game (1-2 people): A toy company has commissioned you to come up with a new board game for kids. The
topic has to revolve somehow around answering questions to get through the game.
Format :
1) Create the actual game design
2) Game pieces used
3) Game cards/or some design that forces players to answer question (no less than 20 questions)
4) Instruction manual
5) Taped commercial/advertisement for your board game
Rap video (1-3 people): a record label that works with schools has heard your group sing and would love to sign
you! Your job is to create a rap song (school appropriate) to teach students about an event in Ancient History
Format :
1) Create the lyrics for the song
2) Record the song to be played for the class in music video form (1 person 2-3 min, 2 or more people the
song must be 3.5-5 min long)
Movie (1-4 people): you have been assigned the task of writing, producing, directing and filming the next big
blockbuster hit film. This epic movie will revolve around something to do with the ancient world.
Format :
1) Create the script for the movie
2) Film the video to be played in class (1 person 4-6 min, 2 people 5-7 min, 3-4 people 7-10 min film)
Commercials: (1-2 people) A company from the Ancient World has hired you to create some commercials
advertising their products. Your commercials must revolve around something that was actually used by that time
Format :
1) Create the script for the commercials
2) Film the Commercials to be played in class (1 person 4 different 30 second commercials, 2 people 6
different 30 second commercials)
Etc: if there is any other type of project you are interested in doing please let me know so it can be
approved before you start!!!!