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Aztec, Mayan, Incan Webquest
You will need to answer the following questions by using the links in the webquest. Read all
the information and do not just skim for answers.
Geography- you will need your map to help you with these answers…
Use this link to look at the map and answer the question.
1. Name the 3 civilizations and the current countries they are located in
Religion- click on this link to answer the following questions…
1. What was the purpose of the Sacrificial Temple? Give an example of such a temple.
2. What was placed at the ends of staircases that looked like dragons? Why were they
placed there?
3. In what room of the Emperor’s palace would you find all the gifts he had been given?
4. What is adobe?
5. Describe the building built to worship the Jaguar and Eagle Nights.
MAYA’S- click on this link to answer the following questions
1. During what time period were the urban centers important to the Maya’s?
2. What were the 3 regions in Mesoamerica that the Maya culture developed in?
3. What is the most significant reason the Mayans never developed a fully urban culture?
4. When did the Mayans abandon the cities?
5. What type of agriculture did the Mayans practice? Describe this process.
6. What was the principal food and central economic activity of the Mayans?
7. In the Mayan religious hierarchy, who was the head that ruled over the priests?
8. Describe what Mayans did to preserve their sense of physical beauty.
9. What is the most overwhelming aspect to the Mayan religion?
10. Name the 5 calendars used by Mayans.
11. What did the God’s require in order to work?
AZTECS- click on this link to answer the following questions…
1. What were the 2 distinguished types of people of Mesoamerica. Give their names and
2. In what year was the beginning of the history of the Tenochca? Where did they begin?
3. What was the name of the town that Tenochca founded on their journey to the South?
4. Under what leader did the Tenochca built temples, roads, causeways and government and
religious hierarchy?
5. What event interrupted the reign of Montezuma II?
6. What 3 things made Tenochtitlan a true urban center?
7. What were the 2 social classes of the Aztecs in order from lowest to highest?
8. Who was a public education offered to?
9. How did Aztecs punish people who committed crimes? List 3 ways.
10. What are 3 things you could do that would lead to slavery?
11. Who were the 3 Gods who dominated the Aztec religion?
12. Why was there urgency to all of the sacrifices that the Aztecs performed?
13. What were the 2 calendars Aztecs had? How many days did each one have?
INCAS- click on this link to answer the following questions.
1. Where did the Inca’s live?
2. What does it mean to “rule by proxy”?
3. Name 2 ways that show the brilliant engineering skills of the Incas
4. What language did the Inca’s speak?
5. Who is the central God of the Inca religion?
6. Describe what happened to Atahualpa, the ruler of the Incas.
TECHNOLOGY- click on this link to answer the following questions
1. Why were the Inca roads so impressive?
2. Name 3 ways that the Incas worked around the issue of being surrounded by sharp ragged
3. Describe 2 other accomplishments that Incas incorporated into their lives.
MACHU PICCHU- click on this link to answer the following questions
1. Who rediscovered Machu Picchu?
2. Name one of its primary functions.
CONCLUSION- you may use the links provided to answer this question. For
additional information to help make your decision, you can click on the following
link to investigation these civilizations further. (10 points),_Mayan,_and_Incan_Web
In paragraph form (5-7 sentences) you will need to answer the following questions…
*Which of the civilizations would you like to live in? Give at least 2 reasons why you choose it
*Of the two civilizations you don’t want to live in give one reason why you would not want to
live there. You can write or type the answers.