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 VII International Conference on Electrical Engineering
June 23-27 2014
First call
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (in Spanish: Facultad de Ingeniería Eléctrica, FIE) at
Universidad de Oriente (UO) invites you to participate in the seventh edition of the International
Conference on Electrical Engineering, bi-annual scientific event that fosters the exchange of
knowledge and experiences on scientific and technological issues related to Electrical,
Automation, Computation, Biomedical, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering, as well
as Education in the field of Engineering.
VII International Conference on Electrical Engineering, FIE 2014, will be held in the city of
Santiago de Cuba and will include the following topics:
 Production, transportation and use of electrical energy
Protection, monitoring and control of machines and electrical systems. Design and operation of
electrical machines. Management of Electrical systems. Impact of distributed generation on
power systems. Using of renewable energy sources in the processes. Artificial intelligence applied
to electrical engineering.
Coordinator: Dunia Barrero Formigo, PhD, [email protected]
 Industrial automation applications
Knowledge and model based control. Control theory and methods. Mechatronics and robotics.
Industrial measurements and measurement systems. Industrial automation: distribution control
systems and real-time systems. Detection and fault isolation. Fault-tolerant systems. Industrial
computing. Artificial intelligence, neural networks and pattern recognition in the industry.
Coordinator: Reinel Beltrán Aguedo, PhD, [email protected]
 Information technologies
Applications and services technologies. Database management. Multimedia systems. Distribution
systems development. Technologies for mobile devices and computer graphics. Networks:
administration and security. Internet services. Industrial Computing. Applications of artificial
intelligence in informatics.
Coordinator: Miguel A. Torres Alberto, MS, [email protected]
 Electronics and telecommunications technologies
Microelectronics. Sensors and circuits. Programmable logic devices and DSP.
RadioCommunication Network Systems Telematics engineering. Technologies and infrastructure.
Telecommunication networks: new access and transport technologies. Fixed and mobile wireless
technologies: new ways. Digital Signal Processing. Communications using Optical devices.
Coordinator: Arturo Infante Rielo, PhD, [email protected]  Technologies and applications of biomedical engineering
Electromagnetic Compatibility. Medical Informatics. Instrumentation for monitoring and
diagnostics. Biomedical imaging and Image Processing. Modelling and Simulation. Health
Technology Assessment. Clinical Engineering. Rehabilitation Engineering. Technologies for
Disability Assistance. Optics and Lasers in Medicine. Radiobiology and Radiotherapy. Medical
Robotics. Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering. Bio signal Processing and voice.
Telemetry and Telemedicine.
Coordinator: Enrique J. Marañón Reyes, PhD, [email protected]
 Engineering education
New trends in engineering education. Teaching of specific basic science and engineering careers.
Value formation in engineering careers. Curriculum design in engineering careers. Computer
Education Challenges, perspectives and impact of scientific and technical information in
engineering education. Pedagogical and technological models. Distance education. Virtual Labs.
Criteria, standards and quality of educational processes.
Coordinator: Paula Tallart Fabré, PhD, [email protected]
Official languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.
Important dates:
Paper submission (closing at 23:59h, EST): January 31, 2014.
Notification of paper acceptance or rejection: February 28, 2014.
Submission of final version of the paper: March 21, 2014.
Entries must be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese or English according to the template and
presentation standards that can be downloaded from the official website of the event:
Each paper submitted must be registered individually. The conference proceedings will be
published in a CD with ISBN. Registration fees established for different types of participant are
as follows:
Speaker/Delegate Professional Companion Speaker/Delegate Graduate Student Price
250 CUC 150 CUC 100 CUC Participating Speakers and Delegates will receive certificate of participation, lunch, cocktail
reception and CD version of the Proceedings of FIE 2014. Graduate students must be accredited
by their respective studies centers, in coordination with the organizing committee. Otherwise they
must register as a professional.
Organizing Committee:
President: Julio García Garay, PhD, [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Fernando E. Valdés Pérez, PhD, [email protected]
Secretary of Assurances Committee: Alexander Barbán Montero, MS, [email protected]
Secretary of Documentation and Advertising Commission: Roberto Acosta González, MS,
[email protected]
Scientific Committee:
President: Carlos R. Vázquez Seisdedos, PhD, cvazquez[email protected]
Vice-president: Annia Lussón Cervantes, PhD, [email protected]
Members: Coordinators of the FIE 2014 topics, members of the Faculty Scientific Council, UO
personalities and national and foreign personalities.