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Greek Mythology Unit Exam Study Guide +Greek Family
Tree Assignment (50 pts)
Directions: 1.Use this page to write a few brief words or notes about each Greek
character or setting. If you know the main idea for each of the following, you should do
very well on the exam. (20 pts.)
2. Create a visual family tree that shows as many connections as possible with the
following characters and places. Please include at least 15 of the Gods, places, hero’s,
mortals, and titans.
____ Perseus
_____ Minos
_____ Pandora
_____ Gaea
_____ Zeus
_____ Psyche
_____ Poseidon
_____ Danae
_____ Daedalus
_____ Theseus
_____ Icarus
_____ Midas
_____ Kronos
_____ Narcissus
_____ Eros
_____ Echo
_____ Demeter
_____ Chaos
_____ Rhea
_____ Persephone
_____The Gray Sisters
______Mt. Olympus
_____ Hades