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A.P. Environmental Science - “APES” - Summer Assignments
*Due: Tuesday, August 23, 2016*
“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability,
and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
- Aldo Leopold
Dear AP Environmental Science student, _________________________________________________
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Welcome to AP Environmental Science. We are going to have a really great year!
To get started thinking about the environment, you’ve got some reading to do over the summer. First, you’ll
investigate current events by completing the “Current Event Articles” assignment below. Second, you’ll
read four essays from the book “Small Wonder” by Barbara Kingsolver, and write summaries/responses for
each essay. As we go through the course, you will find yourself thinking about what you read and relate it to
what we are learning. Finally, follow the directions for getting a textbook and joining Edmodo.
Course Description: AP Environmental Science is a lab-based course that emphasizes the role of the Earth's environment in local,
regional and global societies and the impact of people and societies on the environment. Students participate in hands-on activities,
discussions, and outdoor projects. The curriculum focuses on the processes of science, the role of energy in all systems,
interconnections between biotic and abiotic elements, the role of people in environmental change, and sustainability of environmental
and societal systems. The course integrates Earth and Life Sciences, Chemistry and Physics. Students will have the opportunity to
contribute to their community and learn more about the world in which we live.
Current Event Articles
Small Wonder - Essays by Barbara Kingsolver
Collect, read, cut out, and paste three (3) current environmental articles:
One newspaper article, one magazine article, and one article from media of your choice (internet, journal, blog, etc.)
Answer the following questions in a typed response – a one page response for EACH article
1. Describe at least THREE key points or themes of this article. Write a short paragraph.
2. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s view or opinion of this environmental problem? What is
YOUR opinion based on?
3. How important is this environmental problem in relation to other common environmental issues and/or
human health issues? Explain why.
4. How did the article make you feel?
Purchase this book. We will use it all year and you will need to be able to write in it. Paperback copies can be purchased
very cheaply on Amazon ($4, including shipping).
Read these four essays: Small Wonder, Saying Grace, Knowing Our Place, and The One-Eyed Monster, and Why I Don’t Let
Him In.
For EACH essay, type a one page response that includes the following:
 a summary and 3 new or relevant vocabulary terms(underline)
 your response (positive and/or negative, opinions, feelings, connections to your life…..)
 research on the internet something that was referenced in the essay. Dig deeper on something that
piqued your curiosity or that you want to fact check. Cite the website and summarize the information
that you found.
Online Textbook
AP Edition of Living in the Environment 18th Edition
by G. Tyler Miller and Scott E. Spillman
ISBN-13: 978-1-285-19728-9
CONTINUE ON BACK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
All students will purchase an access code to the on-line edition of this textbook.
You’ll pay $20 to the treasurer at East High when you register in August.
We will give access codes and there will be an assignment from the textbook the first day of class.
Therefore, please make your payment before the first day of class (Tuesday, August 23, 2016)
All students MUST have an access code, as there are ON-LINE assignments that are linked with the online textbook throughout the year.
That said, some students prefer to read a hardcopy of a textbook. You may be able to find used copies of
this textbook through the usual book purchasing websites (Amazon, Bookbyte etc.).
It’s a 2015 copyright, so it’s still expensive.
If you decide to buy the book, make sure it’s the AP Edition and the 18th Edition.
Even if you buy a hardcopy of the book, you must still purchase the $20 access code, above.
We will have 15 copies of the book, available for checkout in August to students who have financial need.
Join your class’s Edmodo Group TODAY!
Information and reminders will be posted on Edmodo, starting August 15, 2016.
Mr. Knauer’s classes, Periods 3 & 4 Edmodo Code is: fm5g2p
Ms. Bobb’s class, Period 7 Edmodo Code is: smyh8f
1) Three Current Event Articles – cut out, copied, pasted and three typed responses
2) Four essays from Small Wonder – 4 typed pages, one for each essay
3) Paid fee for Access Code for textbook - $20 to East Treasurer
4) Join Edmodo Class Group TODAY
1, 2, 3 Due August 23, 2016
4 – Do it TODAY!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Margaret Bobb
Tyler Knauer
Periods 7 APES
Periods 3 and 4 APES
[email protected]
[email protected]