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Must All Good Things Come to an End?
Theories on the…
Fall of the Roman Empire
Barbarian Invasion
Roman army kept the barbarians in check.
Roman soldiers left the Barbarian’s area so Germanic tribes began raiding Italy.
A.D. 476, the Germanic general Odovacar overthrew the last of the Roman emperors and
made himself ruler of Italy.
Decline in Morals and Values
Crime and violence made the streets of big cities unsafe.
Emperors like Nero and Caligula wasted money on huge expensive parties.
The people enjoyed watching gladiators fight and die on the blood stained floor of the
Environmental and Public Health Problems
The rich had lead pipes bring water to their homes.
Lead in the pipes might have poisoned the rich causing them to go a little crazy and die
Excessive Military Spending To Defend the Empire
Rome needed to keep an army constantly to fight off barbarian attacks.
Military spending left few resources for other vital activities…
Such as providing public housing and maintaining roads.
Government had to increase taxes to pay the army.
Inferior Technology
Last 400 years of the empire
Scientific achievements only made in engineering and public service.
Did not come up with a way to feed a growing population.
Inflation: an increase in prices
Once Romans stopped conquering new lands, the flow of gold into the Roman economy
But Romans continued to spend a lot of gold.
Less gold, money worth less- people began to barter.
Political Corruption
One of Rome’s most serious problems was the difficulty of choosing a new emperor.
People began to pay for support in being emperor (bribery).
There were also frequent assassinations of emperors to put a new person in power.
Rise In Christianity
Christianity made its followers pacifists.
Made it difficult to defend lands from attack.
Church attracted many talented leaders who could have helped the empire.
Money that would have gone to the empire, went to the church instead.
Wealthy men began to use slaves instead of workers for farming.
Unemployed men began to fill the cities.
Not enough jobs in the cities for all the unemployed people.
Urban Decay
Most Romans lived in smelly, small apartment buildings 6 or more stories high.
There were 44,000 apartment houses in the city walls of Rome.
The more stairs you had to climb, the cheaper your apartment was.
If you couldn’t pay rent, you were kicked to the streets.