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Implementing the
October 2016
Updated policy
Updated policy approved by CSG two days ago.
Tweaked to make it easier to follow.
Key change: If you use your Cochrane title, you must be
explicit that your views are your own.
Some tips:
Be explicit where you can:
• Presentation slides
• Blogs
• Press releases
Make best effort when you don’t have as much control
• Press interviews (use phrases such as “In my opinion”)
Disclosure of Interests (last 3 years)
Lisa Bero
• Research funding from the California Breast Cancer Research Program,
The Cochrane Collaboration Methods Innovation Fund, US Office of
Research Integrity, and the US National Institute of Environmental Health
• Co-chair of The Cochrane Collaboration since 2013; receive remuneration
that is paid to The University of Sydney
• Served on numerous guideline panels and committees to evaluate COI
• Have numerous publications related to conflicts of interest
The views expressed in this talk are my own and not those of Cochrane.
Views expressed in this presentation are
personal and do not necessarily reflect the
views of:
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
National Library of Medicine (NLM)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
US Department of Health and Human Services
EMA letter on Nordic Cochrane
“The views we express here and our conclusions
are based on the facts we present; they are ours
and not those of any organisation.”
On a blog
“Her words stated and expressed in this blog
are entirely personal, and do not represent
any official views or opinions of Cochrane.”
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