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Name: Hannah Sklar
Site Name
Confusing Words
Looks extremely helpful
with many definitions of
different types of
chemistry. Also would be
useful for vocabulary.
When making
calculations, it has all of
the equations along with
an example of each to
help guide.
Gives free audio and
visual lessons. Contains
games at different levels.
Gives radio stations to
listen. BBC also does not
give lessons to only
Spanish and French, but
43 other languages as
well. This site gives
valuable information and
is a great tool for
This sight helps with
words that usually mixed
up because they sound
the same but have a
different meeting or vice
versa. This would be very
helpful before a test to
Name: Hannah Sklar
World History
World History For
Us All
help clear up any
confusion between the
This website is designed
for high school and
college students. There is
a search option at the top
for any questions. Also not
only does it help with
world history it also goes
into specifics such as the
French revolution and
Women in History. It also
gives “teacher modules”
which are replicas of
teacher’s lessons plans to
help further one’s
This website is designed
for kindergarteners to
high school geometry.
They provide printable
graph paper, formulas,
practice quizzes and test,
as well as reference other
sites in case this site does
give a full explanation.
This website helps all
history classes not just
word. It has a school
curriculum for every class.
Name: Hannah Sklar
Khan AcademyChemistry
Math Tables 2
There might even be a
possibility that it is the
same one your teacher
uses. There is 24 hour
tutoring in case you have
a late night study
question. It has practice
tests and quizzes.
This website contains
short videos on chemistry
subjects. It is taught by a
chemistry teacher that
step by step shows the
work needed to
understand that particular
concept. It starts off with
some of the most basic
concepts of chemistry and
progressively becomes
harder. This might be
useful if you are struggle
on a specific concept and
need a quick lesson.
This website has all of the
equations used in
geometry. It gives
equations for areas,
volumes, and surface
areas. It also gives you
diagram to go along with
each of equations. That
Name: Hannah Sklar
Study Spanish
Guide to Grammar
and Writing
Science Geek
could be very useful with
a problem that is just a
This website aids in
speaking Spanish all of the
time. Being able to use
Spanish in a conversation
is the main goal. It gives
study ideas and way to
improve your grade if it is
low. Although this website
does cost money to
receive the whole version,
there is a free option for
30 days and you can just
use the free things listed.
This website has an array
of options to choose from
to help you with your
English homework. It can
help with essays and
research papers as well as
basic grammar skills. It
also has quizzes on the
grammar for a good
review before you actual
classes quiz.
This website has all of the
units that will be covered
in chemistry it has units
test and chapter quizzes
Name: Hannah Sklar
Way Cross
Honors Chemistry
for review. It has games
and an online textbook so
you do not have to bring
your book back and forth
from school to home.
This website gives many
different and unique
writing rules. Some
include easy ones like end
each sentence with a
period, however others
are like not to use the
words “a lot” because it is
not specific enough. There
are 30 rules and it looks
like from a college website
so it if perfect practice.'s%20Chemistry/honors_chemistry.html This website offers free
practice tests for any
chapter in honors
chemistry. The site is run
by a chemistry teacher so
it should be very accurate.
It also gives a summary of
the chapter along with
other things to review.
This website offers fun
and intuitive games for
people of ages and levels.
It is updated it each with
new material. You do have
Name: Hannah Sklar
SOL Practice TestWorld History
to sign up to become a
member, but it is free of
charge. It has different
books and theme to learn
This website is a giant test
on all of world history.
This would probably be
most useful at the end of
a semester. It gives you
100 multiple choice
questions. Even if you get
the answer wrong it gives
you another chance (or a
few!). It will give you your
percent at the end of each