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Randy Martinez
To gain experience in Engineering Leadership.
TOME: Immortal Arena
Grey Goo
Qualcomm Streamboost Router Technology
Languages: C#, C++, C, x86 assembly, Python, Java, Shaders (GLSL), Lua, Perl
Apps: Unity, WinDbg, Wireshark, IDA Pro, GDB, Vim, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Make
Version Control Systems: Perforce, Git, Subversion
Database Systems: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle
APIs: pcap, OpenGL, Windows API, Swing, OGRE 3D, Winsock
Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, Border Gateway Protocol(BGP)
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
Specialties: Network, server, graphics, and virtual reality programming
Incendiary Games Inc., San Francisco, CA
March 2015 – Current
Games: Death of Dragons
 Bootstrapped Incendiary Games, focusing on VR gaming.
 Incendiary Games became a Sony PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 developer, a rare and
huge accomplishment for an indie developer.
 Pitched to several VCs, Angel Investors, and publishers.
 Developed Death of Dragons, a huge open world virtual reality action roleplaying game.
 Optimized rendering path for PC and Mobile VR performance. Death of Dragons so far is
the only Mobile VR open world game running at native framerate.
 Fielding M&A discussions for mobile rendering optimization tech.
 One of 37 game finalists on the 2015 Oculus Mobile VR Game Jam out of over 500 entries.
 Lead & collaborated with another engineer and level designer through the 2015 Oculus'
Mobile VR Game Jam.
Server Software Engineer
KIXEYE, San Francisco, CA
May 2013 – March 2015
Games: TOME: Immortal Arena:
 Performed code optimizations to increase the number of concurrent users on a single C#
combat server from 280 to 600 with projected annual savings between $450k - $10m.
Those optimizations enabled other engineers to get to 1,000 CCUs per server rapidly.
 Refactored existing network architecture moving away from TCP to UDP.
 Architected and helped implemented v1 of Tome's zero downtime updates. Tome is now
running 24/7 and new patches don't require any outages of the service.
 Identified and fixed various crashes, bugs, network connection issues, security issues, and
 Mentored and developed a QA Tester into a Software Engineer.
 Conducted interviews, evaluated candidates, and contributed to hiring decisions. (505) 385-2577
Randy Martinez
Gameplay Programmer
Petroglyph Games, Las Vegas, NV
August 2011 – April 2013
Games: Grey Goo (November 2012 – April 2013):
 Prototyped basic combat code and game play rules. Worked closely with designers.
 Owned and further developed the movement system and implemented path smoothing.
 Owned and further developed the Autonomous AI System.
End of Nations (August 2011 – November 2012):
 Focused on server side gameplay systems and code and some database work with
Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
 Interfaced daily with Designers.
 Developed the Leaderboard system: Designed leaderboard database schema and wrote
stored procedures including calculating Elo ratings, server side code, networking code,
client code, and UI development.
 Implemented network optimizations reducing bandwidth usage by 5-10% and increasing
server side cpu performance.
 Crash and bug fixing - debugged fully optimized x86 and x64 client and server crash dump
files using Visual Studio and WinDbg.
Software Engineer - Linux Network Development
Bigfoot Networks, Austin, TX
June 2010 – August 2011
Bigfoot Networks was successfully acquired by Qualcomm.
 Developed Linux firmware, both user space and kernel, using C and Python for a next
generation gaming router that became Qualcomm's StreamBoost technology.
 Gained embedded systems programming experience maintaining the firmware of the
current Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card.
 Using Wireshark to study game networking protocols.
 Gaining experience writing network based applications.
 Gaining Linux kernel, module, and applications development and system administration
Research Associate
ICASA - Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis, Socorro, NM
February 2006 – February 2008
ICASA’s research is characterized by the study of dynamical systems, control theory,
mathematical physics, and economics using the tools of theoretical analysis, modeling, and
simulation. Tasks as a research associate included:
 Designing and writing software in Java, Perl, and C++.
 Wrote a three-dimensional spring embedded graph viewer using C++ and the open source
graphics engine OGRE to render, in real time, graphs with at least 100,000 nodes.
 Designed and implemented a graph data structure and algorithms library in Java that
significantly reduced development time for other projects.
 Analyzed the internet as a complex system by looking at how malware and natural
disasters affects the Internet and predicting these events.
 Designed and implemented a database application using PostgreSQL to track Border
Gateway Protocol(BGP) router snapshots and updates for tracking and predicting malware
and natural disasters, both historically and in real-time.
 Implemented a multi-threaded visualization using Java and the Swing library to display, in
2D, the geographical locations of all Internet routers and their status.
 Wrote a simulation for the Internet and BGP.
 Helped design and implement an application, first using Perl, then Java, to process natural
language in human written reports.
 Developed interpersonal skills as a member of a multidisciplinary team of computer
scientists, electrical engineers, mathematicians, and others.
 DoD TS/SCI Clearance held with Full Scope Polygraph. (505) 385-2577
Randy Martinez
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, December 2009
GPA: 3.48 overall ( on a 4.0 scale.) CS Major GPA: 3.59. Honor Roll
Advanced Coursework:
Info Protection and Security
 Reversed engineered programs, using IDA Pro, to look for security holes.
 Performed a penetration test.
 Analyzed network traffic with Wireshark.
Secure Software Construction
 Wrote buffer overflow exploit code.
 Studied and wrote a rootkit.
Computer Graphics
 Learned OpenGL.
 Learned and wrote various shaders (per-pixel lighting, bump, normal, and parallax
 Wrote a game using OpenGL and C++.
Compiler Construction
 Implemented and designed a full optimizing compiler for C using C++.
Operating Systems
 Implemented a scheduler for Linux in C.
 Wrote system calls.
Intro to Database Systems
 Learned Oracle.
 Designed various databases to model entities and relationships.
 Wrote stored procedures.
MMO games, Video Games, Computers, Dungeons & Dragons, Stargate, Star Trek, Magic the
Gathering, Paintball, Creative Writing, Motorcycles, Toastmasters
Mitchell Fisher
Relationship: Former Lead at Kixeye
James Bellenger
Relationship: Former Lead at Kixeye
Demetrius Comes
Relationship: Former Direct manager at Petroglyph Games. (505) 385-2577
Randy Martinez
Chris Huybregts
Relationship: Former colleague at Bigfoot Networks.
Nader Akoury,
Relationship: Former Lead Gameplay Programer and colleague at Petroglyph Games
Dr. Lorie Liebrock, Computer Science Professor, Dean of Graduate Studies, she was my
instructor for Compiler Writing at New Mexico Tech. (505) 385-2577
31 Pecan Run Drive Ocala, FL 34472-6000
31 Pecan Run Drive Ocala, FL 34472-6000