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How to Improve PTE Reading?
PTE Reading is all about assessment of how good a candidate is in reading, interpreting,
comprehension and analysis of what has been read. Having good reading skills is essential in order
to get through it. A candidate will have to be adept at comprehending a wide range of vocabulary.
Sometimes, the test-taker will have to read between the lines in order to understand what has been
implied. Often, information will be explicit but at times, it can be hidden for you to search it out in
forms of special vocabulary, phrases, idioms, abstract etc.
A test-taker will have to learn to be smart to effectively identity the given topic. Get complete
understanding of takeaway points. Arrange, rearrange thoughts to arrive at correct answers. The
time given would be just 32-41 minutes within which examinees will have to showcase their
exceptional ability of reading.
Dealing With Multiple Choice Questions
● Read carefully and comprehend. Analyze by applying critical thinking in order to select the
right response. You will have to be good at grasping the main ideas, effectively analyze the
core concept of the passage, understand what the writer says.
● Begin with taking a close look at all questions given. Yes, before reading the passage, it is
advised that you shall first read the questions. If you can understand question, you can
narrow down your search for the answer. It would be easy to look out for the information
that is needed.
● Read with all attention to grasp the main points, ideas behind the given text. It would be
good to develop abilities to describe what you read in own words as well.
● Once, you are capable enough to understand what the text is suggesting, recommending,
implying, you can look for the ideas or thoughts that may support your answer.
● Focus on all options given for a particular question. Correct answer can be difficult to find if
meaning is hidden. Therefore, try not just to read but read with your eyes and brains.
● Do not leave any question unanswered because, unanswered question can create a negative
impression. The examiners will mark it as incorrect. If you can’t decide what can be a right
option, you will have to at least guess and select one.
● Recommended time you can spend on each and every multiple choice question is 1.5
minutes but do not spend more than this as it can make it difficult for you to attempt all the
Selecting Multiple Answers
● Some questions would require candidates to pick multiple answers. Yes, out of all the
options given, there can be one or more than one option can be correct. Test-takers will have
to pick the right choices.
● It may look simple enough to pick the right options but in reality it is not so. This is going to
be tricky.
● Right approach to find the right option or options would be to read with all attention. Focus
more on use of the adjectives, collocations, nouns, phrases etc.
● Not every time the options will have same set of words. So, look for the synonyms for the
given words or phrases.
● Recommended time that you can spend on these types of question is around 2 minutes.
Spending time more than what is suggested here can lead to mismanagement of time. So, be