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Benefits of Implementing a Staffing Software for Your Manpower Consultancy
Running a manpower consultancy firm is not an easy business. The objective of your job is to find and
match prospective candidates to clients, thereby helping clients to save time and expenses of screening
processes. However, you are not dealing with a single company’s recruitment. You have multiple clients
and each of them have different manpower requirements for different positions. Sorting out and selecting
candidates manually will kill your time and also increase expenses as you have to allocate more employees
to do the task. Or, you can embrace a staffing software. Using an automated system for manpower
consultancy firm can prove to be incredibly beneficial.
Effectively matches right candidate with right employer
Finding, choosing and matching candidates is a vigorous process. Each part needs time and many hours
logged for organizational work. Software helps lessen that time, so you can match employer and
candidates faster and with improved efficiency. By combining all the aspects in one easy-to-search
database, you can easily meet your clients’ (both job seeker and interviewer) requirements. Its capability
to candidate progress, integrate resumes and job descriptions indicate you can devote less time looking
in multiple directions and more time inspecting the clients, candidates, and jobs in one spot.
With the staffing management system, it gets easier to keep track of and manage candidates’ bio data,
profiles, and interview schedules by storing them in one suitable network. With several listings abridged
in one place, you have to do less paperwork and spend more time matching and recruiting employees.
Reduced human error
Doing loads of paperwork might lead to unnecessary human error. Using software helps lessen this by
automating your inputs through data entry, ensuring what you have filled in is right.
You get an effective tracking process for employers and employees (your clients) with consistent and
correct time collection, rather than worrying about misplaced or incorrect time sheets due to possible
fraud or mistakes. The software helps expedite the payroll process for your employees and decrease the
chances of making a mistake.
The metrics of staffing software let you make improved business decisions with tailored settings and
filters. This facilitates you to see openly how candidates match up, gauge what channels have the best
and worst recruiting results, and administer staff performance.
You can create filters depending on social networks and skills that rank employees to best suit your
requirements from data that has been submitted. This gives your firm superior accuracy for reporting
details and offers logical filtering systems, while matching candidates to the specific needs of the recruiter.
Stay competitive and outsmart competitors
As more and more recruitment agencies are automating their business processes, staying competitive
with updated software becomes a must. You have to outsmart your competitors by investing in a software
that perfectly suits your business purpose. SimplifyVMS offers customized staffing management system
that can be easily integrated into your existing system without interrupting daily workflows.
It can help you establish stronger relationships with your clients (both candidates and employer), diminish
chances of human error and offer enriched techniques to recruit the best candidate for every post.
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