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for farmer customers, for example,
response times for communications.
A monitoring committee - which
meets three times yearly - involves
stakeholder representatives and is
independently chaired.
The Education (Admission to
Schools) Bill, 2014 is currently
being drafted and will provide
the legislative underpinning for a
Parents’ and Students’ Charter.
Following publication of the Act,
there will be a consultation process
with a view to drafting the principles
that will form the framework for a
Parent and Student Charter in every
school. The purpose of the Charter
is to strengthen the position of
parents within the school system
and to bring about a culture change
in how schools engage with and
involve parents (and students in an
age related manner).
Designing customer
Service Design is an emerging and
innovative approach to improving
public services by streamlining
processes and improving the
customer experience. In partnership
with the Northern and Western
Regional Assembly and the Centre
for Design Innovation in IT Sligo, the
Department of Public Expenditure
and Reform has piloted Service
Design training workshops for
public servants to further develop
capacity in this key area of reform.
Service Design will continue to be
promoted during 2015, including
through a major conference on 9/10
June in Dublin Castle.
Extended opening hours have been
introduced in Intreo offices in the
Department of Social Protection
and in Passport Offices.
The new Intreo Offices, specially
designed by the Department of
Social Protection and the Office
of Public Works, act as a single
point of contact for all employment
services and supports for both
Jobseekers and Employers,
providing support regarding benefits
entitlements, advice on training
options and assistance in securing
employment. 46 Intreo offices have
been opened and it is intended
to formally open the remaining 14
offices (12 of which are already
providing Intreo services) during
The Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade’s counter appointments
service is now in place in its Dublin
and Cork Passport Offices. This
system allows customers to book,
via a simple web-based system,
guaranteed time slots before
travelling to the Passport Office.
The priority in the system is given
to those with urgent travel needs
and all others are encouraged to
use the Passport Express service.
This is a customer-orientated
service removing the necessity for
the public to queue in the Passport
Office as they have an allocated
time in the office for their passport
application submissions.
The new Irish Passport Card,
which will be accepted for travel
within the European Union and