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1.3 Improving Customer Experience
Engaging with
A key objective of the Reform
Plan is to enhance how the Public
Service engages with service users,
with a view to improving the quality
of their interaction with the Public
Service and to facilitate service
improvements at organisational and
sectoral levels.
At the end of 2014, the Department
of Public Expenditure and Reform
commissioned a survey of the
general public to determine levels of
satisfaction with, and perceptions
of, the services provided by Civil
Service Departments and Offices.
The fieldwork is almost complete
and the results of this survey, to be
published in April 2015, will help to
identify areas that require priority
Departments and Offices are also
undertaking their own customer
surveys. For example, there was
a positive response to the recent
OPW Customer Survey, with 76% of
business customers who responded
satisfied with the service provided,
while 97.3% of visitors to OPW
sites were satisfied with the service
provided. The Office of the Revenue
Commissioners has also designed
its third PAYE Customer Survey, to
issue in mid-2015.
Increased use of plain language
continues to be promoted across
the Public Service to make
interaction simpler for service
users. The National Adult Literacy
Agency (NALA) was engaged
by the Department of Public
Expenditure and Reform to deliver
plain language training for staff
in Departments and Offices. A
handbook on the use of plain
language for public servants was
also developed in conjunction with
Customer Charters
In 2014, the Department of
Public Expenditure and Reform
published a report on its review of
the Customer Charter process in
the 33 Departments and Offices
represented on the Quality
Customer Service Officers’
Network. This network promotes
customer service improvement in
the Civil Service and is supported
by the Department of Public
Expenditure and Reform.
The Department of Agriculture,
Food and the Marine has recently
concluded discussions on a new
Charter of Farmer’s Rights which
includes specific delivery targets