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Commissioning models
for better service
An initial process of engagement
commenced with the Community
and Voluntary (C&V) sector in
2014 regarding the Government’s
intention to examine the funding of
this sector, moving away from block
grants and towards the adoption
of commissioning models. This
programme will be significantly
developed in 2015 in collaboration
with public bodies that commission
large grant amounts for the
provision of services via the C&V
The views of Departments and
Offices, service providers within
the C&V sector and service endusers will be sought to evaluate
how best to manage this transition
to commissioning across a wide
suite of service provision. It will
also provide an opportunity to
assess the suitability of potential
programmes for testing and
scaling-up. This discussion will be
advanced through a targeted public
consultation beginning in the first
half of 2015. Examples of alternative
service delivery models
JobPath is one of the State’s largest
and most innovative External
Service Delivery projects. This is
a new programme of employment
activation aimed at supporting
the long-term unemployed and
is being rolled out in 2015. Two
preferred bidders will employ
1,000 staff in approximately 100
outlets across the country to assist
the long-term unemployed in
finding suitable employment and
training opportunities. JobPath
providers will be bound under
contract to achieve specified
levels of employment progression
performance and customer
service quality. JobPath will cost
an estimated €340 million but will
provide gross benefit savings of
approximately €525 million, based
on contracts for four years with an
additional two-year run-out period
(to cater for jobseekers who are
referred towards the end of the
The externally-delivered call centre
for the Local Property Tax handled
over 660,000 calls in 2014 on behalf
of the Revenue Commissioners.
The vendor works closely with the
Revenue Commissioners to provide
frontline customer service to the
public on issues relating to the
Local Property Tax.
The Social Impact Investing pilot
scheme, seeking private sector
investment partners to provide
long-term sustainable, stable
homes for homeless families in the
Dublin region, is well advanced.
By the end of 2014, Focus Ireland
had engaged with 108 of the 136
families identified as having urgent
requirements under the scheme.
Suitable alternative accommodation
has been provided for them and
work is ongoing to sustain them
in their new homes. Focus Ireland
is continuing to work with the
remaining families involved in this
A memorandum of understanding
is being drawn up between
the Department of Health, the
Health Service Executive, Atlantic
Philanthropies and Genio on the
establishment of a Service Reform
Fund. This Fund will support
the acceleration of reform in the
areas of disability and mental
health services through projects
commissioned with the assistance
of non-profit providers, including
Genio and others. Reform
deliverables will focus on better
outcomes for service users through
migration to a person-centred
model of services and supports for
people with disabilities; and support
for enhanced recovery initiatives for
those with mental health difficulties,
in line with the Government’s stated
Irish Non-Profits Project
The accessibility of financial
reporting data within the non-profit
sector, for Government and the
public, is being actively explored.
The Government is committed to
reactivating the Irish Non-Profits
Project, a not-for-profit organisation
in which the State has previously
invested. This pilot project is
concerned with data collection,
interrogation and a reporting system
for the non-profit sector which
is estimated to be in receipt of
approximately €4.4 billion annually.
The reactivation of this project
is in collaboration with Atlantic
Philanthropies and the Ireland
Priorities for 2015
• To progress debt management solutions across five sectoral areas.
• To conclude a funding arrangement for a financial data collection,
interrogation and reporting system for the non-profit sector.
• To complete a public consultation on the transition from blockgrants to a commissioning model for the delivery of services that
are secured through the community and voluntary sector.
• To advise and assist Departments and Offices in the roll out and
delivery of programmes and projects identified in their External
Service Delivery Plans and to report to Government on milestones
and achievements.